The Ultimate Gift, Jim Stovall

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The Ultimate Gift is a translation of the book "The Ultimate Gift" written by Jim Stoval. Willem Keesmaat translated this book to the Dutch in 2008. In the book, a young man must perform twelve missions to qualify for a million legacy that will leave behind his uncle. The book follows the experiences of a lawyer Theodore J. Hamilton, in carrying out the will of his friend and client Red Stevens. It begins with the news of the death of the billionaire Red Stevens. All heirs shall be convened for the will. Several heirs named in the will after which they must leave the room. Finally, the nephew of Red Stevens's turn. The 28-year-old Jason Stevens is shocked when he finds himself in a videotape instead of money you get. This video explains the now deceased Red Stevens that there are a number of conditions to receive the ultimate gift. So should Jason for a year will report every first day of the month with Mr Hamilton and his assistant Mrs. Hastings. He will then receive a component of the ultimate gift. Furthermore, he must deliver enough performance and commitment otherwise the process will stop and put Jason gets nothing. The next month, Jason received his first commission and gift.

Work from the Present

The first assignment for Jason returns a videotape explained by his uncle. In this mission is to work for Jason, a friend of Red Stevens, Gus Caldwell. At the ranch of Gus Jason learns what is hard work. Start early and much physical work out. After the month is what Jason is changing and there will be a new assignment / gift.

Gift of Money

In the second task, Jason must learn the value of money. Jason himself here namely never had to think about it. There was enough money to not worry about that. Jason now gets $ 1500, which he deserves might have with the above work to be spread over five different people really better off geld.Zodat they can focus on opportunities instead of worrying the money.
Jason arrives at the end of the month to tell how it went is.Met the money he helped scouts to be able to go to the Jamboree, a woman helped keep her job by ensuring the repayment of her car, a couple helped their children what to give for Christmas, medicine for an older man, and a man helped with car trouble. Jason, however, gave more money than the 1500, but Mr. Hamilton found that it was fairly gone. And now that Jason had learned the lesson / gift Money.

Friends of the gift

Jason teaches at the third command, the value of friends. Now do not make friends by directly but think a month what friendship content. At the end of the month trying to Jason also describe what constitutes friendship. He provides an example from his experience with Gus Caldwell. The example helped Gus Caldwell and Red Stevens fee each other early in their career so as not to lose each other as neighbors and friends. Jason also want to make such friends and receive.

Learning from the Gift

Jason asks impatiently what the ultimate gift will be now. However, he will not have a choice, whether he is doing the overall assignments or he stops, making it ceases altogether. Jason wants to continue. In this mission, Jason learns acquire the gift of knowledge. It is not just about learning from books, but also the process and experience through life and after it. Jason will be for this assignment with a plane to South America. There he will be working in a library of his great-uncle. Upon arrival, the library seems to be rare. There are few books on the shelves and it is quiet. The librarian, however, explains that the books are almost all borrowed. It was namely the principle of Red Stevens that you do not have a book, as it remains on the shelf. At the end of the month when Jason is finished working in the library, he still does not understand what knowledge he had to gain. And yet he learned about the desire and hunger for knowledge as a precursor to the real development.

The Gift of Trouble

The mission of problems is hard to explain. Here an example is used of a young bird must hatch. People can break open the egg to free the bird from the egg. The bird appears helped without being confronted with the problem is. However, the young bird or not learning to use his beak in order to make the egg shell broken. This allows him later in his life hardships which he must use his beak but not enough know how. Jason mission for this month is now gaining experience with problems. He needs to: a child, a young adult, a mature adult and look for an older person with a problem. Of this he must report on the situation and what lesson he learns out.
Jason told his findings at the end of the month. He tells of a child who is terminally ill and whose desire to play one day in the park singles. Jason was also invited by the young girl to play with and they would ask the nurses if anything could be arranged for him such a match day in the park. He tells of a middle-aged man who lost his job. After he and his wife did odd jobs to make sure she gets enough money. The man said he new situation also caused them the value of money and labor are better understood and found creative solutions to problems.
Jason also told of an old man he met at a funeral. The old man said that his wife had just been buried. Instead of sadness and anger thanked the old man correct his deceased wife for many years they had lived together. The last person chose Jason uieindelijk for themselves. The lessons he learned from his uncle and himself during the last months.

The Family Gift

The next gift was the gift of family. Although Jason already has family in name will his great-uncle that he learns what it is to have family. This time, Jason has to fit a month for orphans where he temporarily foster parent of wordt.Na a month he has made many friends and he noted that despite the orphans do not have parents, they still had much to tell all about family.

The Gift of Laughter

When the gift of laughter Jason must seek out someone that can still laugh despite difficulties and setbacks and is happy. Jason seems during the month was little to do but at the end of the month he brings someone. This appears to be a blind man to see looks good verbasend for humor. The humor is much in that he knows what people expect and only get to realize that it is wrong if they think longer.

Dreams of the Gift

After the gift of laughter this month Jason learns the gift of dreams. With examples explains the great uncle how the dream to fit your needs and you have to grow in your life. If you like to ask about something. Jason is working on the assignment and notice the difference between dreams and desires that can be done immediately. Finally, he talked about his desire to help disadvantaged young people, just as he is now helped by his great-uncle.

The Gift of Giving

Jason changes after various gifts walked tehebben. He sees the value of gifts and now behaves differently. In the coming month, Jason will now get to give the gift. Jason must this month something every day to someone else. However difficult this task is that the gift should be really Jason himself. This will give money already difficult because Jason had gotten it back from his uncle. Jason thinks about it and after a month he talks about his generosity in the past month. Much of what he does comes to time invests in others, further services are often he does, from easy as help people work to help with volunteers. Besides the work itself is far from Jason talks about the people he met and helped proving that he unknowingly giving too much has been given back.

The Gift of Gratitude

Told on the 10th evening reception maandeliijkse Red Stevens how he had been thinking for the will of his life and the things he is grateful for. Jason is now the gift that is given is therefore that of gratitude. His uncle told him about a friend who always seemed to be optimistic in life. The friend told me that he thought every morning at 10 things for which he was grateful. Jason now received as a gift the ability to imagine yourself 10 things he is grateful for, and what can help him each morning to start the day. At the end of the month is Jason clearly succeeded. He comes in and cheerfully talks about his list. In his list, he is thankful for: health, home, friends, education, places where he came, car, family, money from his uncle and the gift. Remarkable is also that everything now has extra value by gift.

It a Day Gift

The year is almost over and alongside the gratitude and dreams thought at the Red Stevens will also be his last day on how he would like to experience. It occurred to him then that if he wanted, he lives day maximum would find the essence of what has always wanted to do. Jason is still young but now he gets the chance to think already about what he wants to do on the last day of his life. After a month told Jason about his thoughts on his last day. Special is that it is not about special things he wants to do, but more simple things that now have more meaning for him. So there bevoorbeeld the 10 points of gratitude, being together, and talking to people.

The Gift of Love

As a final task Jason gets the gift of love to learn. To the right to complete and to experience how far love expire asks to him now to ondzoeken how love with previous assignments ie gifts related. At the end of the first month Jason thanks for the help and verteled how much he has changed. He told about the past year and how much love and attention appended to the different gifts. Finally he did receive this the love of his uncle for him and specifically how his life changes.
The Ultimate Gift
Jason was not expecting it but after the 12 gifts has his uncle still some left when he executed all the commands and the gifts meekreeg. Eventually told Mr. Hamilton that Red Stevens now Jason Stevens manages his charity fund after late. Among them include the support of many institutions such as the popular children's home, and the library that Jason has visited. And thereby permit you to give the ultimate gift. About possible wage or compensation Jason does not ask questions, but ultimately this need not be a cause for worry as Jason gelling, via the Ultimate Gift.

Review of the book

I think the good book to read because the life lessons are offered without obligation. You do not have to do as a reader, the commands that Jason get one for yourself. Yet it may help you to think about life and what you yourself would do with the gifts that are offered Jason. The story is told from the lawyer accompanied his feelings and restated minders from his friend, still remains turning to Jason and how it goes through the process.