The usefulness of nettle

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Everyone knows that a nettle to touch a burning and itching sensation arises on the skin. But a nettle can also be useful and even healing work.


Nettle is a blood purifier, astringent, weak diuretic, anti-allergic and nutritious. It is even claimed that nettle scurvy could be cured. To use the medicionale forces of nettle, you can drink it as a tea or juice, eat like spinach or soup or take in tablet form.


Also nettle useful for nature. Many insects, such as a butterfly and with the feed on this plant. Also you can very well make nettle plant food. Leg 500 grams nettle in a bucket or vessel and cover it with 5 liters of water. Let it stand for about 2 weeks and then sieve the nettle remains out. With the nettle water what remains you can water the plants. The nettle residue can be used for fertilizing your garden.


Formerly a nettle was used by Roman soldiers to keep themselves warm. The plant was crushed into oil and then smeared on their bodies.

Raw materials

Of the stiff fibers of the plant material can be woven, and the plant can be used for the production of paper. It is thus a good and natural raw material for various articles.


Yet accidentally touched a stinging nettle? Then there is another plant that can help you rid of the annoying burning and itching sensation, namely, ground ivy. This is typically found near nettle. Crush the plant until the juice comes out and lubricate the spot, the itch disappears almost instantly. No ivy can find or have no idea what that is? Dab the sensitive spot than with vinegar.