Thick voormekaar Show: André van Duin on TV on TROS

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After many wanderings is to see the "Thick voormekaar Show" from 2009 again on TV, where the program of raskomiek André van Duin broadcast by TROS. Along with sidekick Ferry de Groot Dune enter the broadcast again cameos as Thick voormekaar, Ome Joop and Bep, supplemented by reports about characters like Mr. and Mrs. Buck, Twan Stuntman and Peter Rabbit. Guest Roles include reserved for Simone Kleinsma and Frits Bom.


The Thick voormekaar Show undeniably has an extensive history, both on radio and television. The legendary program of comedian André van Duin, plus technician Ferry de Groot, emerged as broadcasting in 1973 at Radio Noordzee - as a spin-off of a section already Dik each other in the "abominable Summit 2000" was discarded. After a conflict with the leadership of Radio Noordzee moved the Thick voormekaar Show in 1974 to the NCRV, where characters were born soon as Uncle Joop and Harry Nak. After a not too successful TV adventure in the years 1977-1978, the Thick voormekaar show would end until 1985 at the NCRV radio can be heard, a few seasons too "Laugh or I shoot show" called. Remained a comeback, until Van Duin and De Groot in 2000 returned to the radio, this time at the TROS on 3FM. This new voormekaar Show, where cameos as Fat Leo and Henk Dulles interpreted a prominent supporting role, came to an end in 2003.

Thick voormekaar Show at the TROS

In the 2007-2008 season the Thick voormekaar Show returned, as sketch, back in the new theater by André van Duin: "André van Duin's New Revue". Following the success of this approximately 10-minute sketch, in which Ferry de Groot made its appearance, the Thick voormekaar Show took place beginning in 2009 eventually make its way back to the television. The program can be seen on TV Friday night at the TROS, where it - with new reports and comic characters - develops into a relatively successful kijkcijferhit.


In the new Thick voormekaar Show at the TROS once again play an important role for known types as Dik each other, Mr. Big, Ome Joop and women Bep and Toos. André van Duin and Ferry de Groot talk, seated behind their mixing desks, the broadcast before a studio audience to each other, thereby interrupted by recognizable comic sketches and TV reports, which resemble the André van Duin show from the nineties on RTL4. Among others Frits Bom and Twan Stuntman, Mr. and Mrs. Buck, Jan Wijdbeens and Simone Kleinsma passing in this context the review, as well as striking From Dune renditions of Deelder, Marc-Marie Huijbregts and Herman den Blijker.

Missed the broadcast?

For those who want to watch a broadcast of the Thick voormekaar Show: the weekly schedule of André van Duin TROS is simply requested via "Catch-up" of the Netherlands 1, 2 and 3.