Thrifty Christmas: how can you pick this?

Miscellaneous hunk9000 August 8, 2016 3 1
The days of December, there are always a lot of fun, warmth, and atmosphere. Have you ever thought about the fact that your electricity meter considerably by-turn at the Christmas violence? Read here what you can think of, without having to affect the atmosphere ...

That the tips are given ...

Personally, I myself am very committed to sustainability. Renewable energy is one of the key words. After all, what you do not use, you do not pay, and is also included fun way to keep costs low. Since my house is equipped with solar panels, it is therefore of secondary importance that each kilowatt-hour back into the grid than I use it myself. That's why an article about what I've achieved in the Christmas period, with a view to economical use of energy without mood to ruin.

The Christmas tree

The Christmas tree who are not in the room to him? A real with or without clod, or a nice plastic variant. Since I only sit in my house, I bought a year ago a nepperd, on 3rd Day. The advantage was soon visible: the prices were reduced 50-70% !! Look, you can again come home with a tree 210cm !!
Tip: go for Christmas decorations just get the day AFTER Christmas any Christmas decorations. Sometimes the offer is not great, but sometimes more than enough to succeed anyway!

The ambient lighting

The tree, of course, is not complete without Christmas lights. Now you can cheaply at many retailers get the standard incandescent lighting. But ... you burned over about 50 lights x 2 Watt = 100Watt ... during the days while alternatives. On the 3rd Day I took several sets of lights that work with semiconductors. A similar string of 50 LEDs consume a total of 5 watts! Yes terror ... even a twentieth part of that standard bulbs !! And given the clearance for a fraction price to send that old outdated glow plugs towards charity and the good thing is: I can see the LEDs in a variety of patterns burn / dimming.

The trim for the window

The window I have with Christmas just an atmospheric candle: nice peaceful burning in a nice tall glass wind. If you have cats or children, can you set such a temporary glass with double-sided foam tape. After removing end well with a razor blade.

Determine fire Times

For many object like a Christmas tree, you can not dive each time behind the tables to turn it on or off.
I have therefore a timer is interposed so that the tree lights every evening around 1.00u is turned off, and in the morning around 8.00 am turned on again. Then get the Christmas breakfast still a festive touch it, do not you?