Thrombosis on the plane, how do you prevent thrombosis?

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Thrombosis can be life threatening if not detected in time and treated. Moreover, the risk of thrombosis has a more than the other. Every now and then some press reports that someone is deceased due to thrombosis occur in the plane. How big is the risk of thrombosis in the plane?

Sit still, can cause thrombosis

Sit still, can cause thrombosis. And in an airplane sitting people happen often long, sometimes for hours, sometimes dozens of hours in the same position without moving.

How is caused thrombosis?

In thrombosis, blood clots are formed in the blood vessels, causing a part of the body will get a less good blood circulation. Thrombosis may occur in the arteries, which are blood vessels that go to the heart, it is then called arterial thrombosis. In that case, for example, may result in a cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction. But usually develops thrombosis in the arteries, the blood vessels that draw near to the heart. This is known as venous thrombosis and there is a thrombosis or pulmonary embolism. Venous thrombosis can cause swelling and the skin becomes fiery red and he seems tight. This is a sign that the blood can not escape, because a clot before. Thrombosis can, however, also lead to a pulmonary embolism, wherein the blood flow to the pulmonary artery is disturbed or even stops. In addition, a portion of the lung to die in the worst case. Sometimes being hit by a pulmonary embolism also the heart and receives no oxygen. The consequences can be deadly, but also cause major damage to her heart.

The cause of thrombosis

Thrombosis has several causes. Thus someone vessel be in a bad way. For example, hardening of the arteries is a major cause of thrombosis. But it may also have to do with a slow circulation. That often occurs when people are long bedridden as after surgery, before they also receive anticoagulants for prevention. In some people the blood clots too fast and too much, and that's the reason. Knowing physicians that they will often prescribe blood thinners.

Suffer from thrombosis in the plane

Not everyone gets thrombosis in the plane. One is more susceptible than others. People who are sensitive to will have previously experienced as they barely move and long sit still.

Thrombosis occur in the plane

Who quickly suffer from thrombosis in the plane, must take his precautions. Although it is not to prevent all this, there are measures that can be taken in order to make it as small risk as possible. These are:
  • Before the flight take an aspirin. This prevents the blood clotting. Well not really taking aspirin and ibuprofen for example, for only aspirin helps thin the blood
  • Wear loose clothing and comfortable shoes
  • Wear special support stockings
  • Drink before and during the trip lots of water
  • Drink absolutely no alcohol before or during the flight
  • Move the plane. Do this every half hour to walk back and forth
  • Most airlines have a section in their magazine fit for flying which are exercises that provide less risk of thrombosis