Tickets for the 2012 Olympics in London

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The Olympic Games of the 30th Olympiad will be from July 27 t / m August 12, 2012 held in London. London hosts the Olympics for the third time; in 1908 and 1948 found the Games earlier in London instead. Following the Olympics, the Paralympics find place, also in London. As of March 2011 entrance tickets can be ordered for both events via the official website. Here are some tips and advice.


Although admission tickets only from March 2011 will be bought, interested parties may have already log into the official website of the Games, to be informed by a newsletter about upcoming ticket sales and other relevant matters. There were already more than two million visitors logged.
Every EU citizen can buy at the official organization cards. It is also possible to obtain cards at local outlets for specific Belgian and Dutch parts. In the Netherlands, this is regulated by the ATP, and in Belgium by Suseia. With this organization, you can also purchase entire packages.
Tip: do not buy tickets from other parties or entities other than official channels.
To purchase tickets you must first register on the items that you wish to buy tickets. It is therefore not true that the sale of tickets is released at once, until everything is sold out. If you have subscribed to a specific item, or event it is checked whether there are enough places; you will receive the cards. If demand is greater than the number of cards, lots will be drawn.
Tip: Visit the official website regularly in order to keep abreast of the proceedings.

Visa Card

The Olympics are sponsored by Visa; This means that all cards can only be paid with a Visa card. Cards or other payment methods such as Mastercard, iDeal or Paypal are accepted. It is therefore important to timely apply for a Visa Card or Visa arrangements with someone who has, you can use.
If you own a Visa card will buy this can of course directly with WorldCard or if you have an account with Fortis or ASN, but you can also get cheaper as in Holland Visa Card or the ANWB. At last it costs ?? 11.50 per year. .
Note: Each ticket entitles you to free public transport on the day of the event.


Games main venue is Olympic Park, located in Stratford Park, north-east of the City. Here a number of sports centers built, the Olympic Village and the Olympic Stadium, the main venue for the opening and closing ceremonies and where piste and field athletics competitions will take place. After the Games, the complex will be renamed the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.
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