Tin is a precious commodity and the demand continues to grow

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Tin is a raw material that we use more than we think. So is in our computer, mobile phone, radio and television, processed tin. In one instance smartphone is already 2 gram tin. It is one of the oldest metal we kennen.Tin will be an increasingly expensive material because it is a scarce commodity. Attempts are some recyclable but much is lost and the soil will be depleted over time. About one third of the tin we use comes from Indonesia.

History of tin

Tin was already used in ancient times around 3500 BC. The Romans took all tin from the tin mines from England and the Egyptian pharaohs were already familiar with this commodity. Previously used mainly for tin plates, cups, pots and other utensils. Also, we all know the tin soldiers that still are popular with collectors. In the early Middle Ages, the city arms made of tin. In the sixteenth century, tin was produced with the stamp of the Tudor rose. It was a sign of quality, origin and the character of the master who had worked the tin. Because they could store food properly in pewter tin had long been valued in the upper class of society. Later, people proceeded to the use of silver and tin was more available to everyone. The industry began to realize that if one layer of tin cans with covers rusting is prevented. Tin is especially also used for soldering. In 1965 there was a sudden increase in tin prices instead. In the nineties, when the electronics in attendance was shot prices up again. Now much tin is used in mobile phones which are frequently sold mainly in China.

 What is tin

Tin is a metal which is silver-gray in color. It's a blend that is soft and pliable. Solder is also widely used for plumbing. But also in obtaining glass with a smooth surface is liquid glass poured on tin plates. If tin alloyed with copper arises bronze. This is used again in the manufacture of church bells. One obtains tin by reducing the ore at high temperatures with carbon. Many of us will still have tin objects that bear a stamp. Angel gave a beaten into the ground that the tin of high quality. Later appeared here so many distortions in the showpiece and often had a much lower value as they thought. Many tin is extracted from countries using the proceeds of the tin for negative purposes such as in Congo. That is why Friends of the Earth wants to electronics companies give insight into the mines where the tin came from. It is jointly responsible and must pay a fair price for the extraction of tin. Both are used in tin cans for Corus, but also Philips, Heineken and Coca Cola are major buyers of tin. In the Netherlands, the largest tin-processing company Alpha-Fry Technologies. This company became part of the Cookson Group and now operates under the name alent. They are located in Naarden. They process several thousands of tons of tin per year. The company exports to various countries both within the EU but also to America. Netherlands dominated this one fifth of the entire European market. There is still growth can be expected because it is more and more tries to replace lead by tin. Also to the growth of the steel and electronics industry will not soon come to an end.

 Where Tin comes from

In total there are 35 countries where there are tin mines. The ore from which tin is extracted cassiterite. Especially in Malaysia, this cassiterite are frequently present. 30% of all tin comes from Indonesië.Ook are tin mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo. They provide about 5%. By wars is winning here is very difficult and tin companies therefore want no more decrease in these war zones.

 How is mined tin

Forests and fields are plowed in Bangka as a layer of tin is in the earth. Thereafter, the excavator at work and the soil is flushed out to remove the tin. As a result, contact with the polluted rivers. The water flows to the sea and the coral is destroyed on a large scale. Both forests are disappearing but also the fish die in the rivers. Serious environmental and human rights violations are the result of winning tin on such a large scale. The tin mining destroys nature. Basically, the soil would be restored, but this costs money and time. Therefore governments should take their responsibility to restore funds available for new planting. The electronics companies will have to pay more for the tin. To open a tin mine has been about five years required for all requirements are met. In the short term it is expected that new mines will be opened in Russia and Australia.

 The development of prices of tin

It is said that tin is one of the forgotten commodity. Indeed, investors generally opt for gold, silver, oil and copper. If less output is available on an increasing demand then the price increases. The price of tin rose in 2011 by 59%. Even now there is a steady rise in price, despite the contraction in the economy. Therefore tin is a good investment. Due to increasing scarcity and environmental requirements will tin increasingly expensive. The trade generally takes place at the LME. The London Metal Exchange. Because working here is with futures is almost impossible to invest directly in tin and that means investing in futures. Since not everyone has sufficient knowledge of. Therefore, it is easier to invest in physical base material. It is also possible to invest directly in the China Yunnan Tin Minerals Group Company Limited. Whoever want to keep the prices of tin visit: Exchange Online Here one can find the prices of the shares of the processing alent.

 CFTI is free Tin Conflict Initiative

Since October 2012 conflict-free tin being transported from Congo. Through Conflict Free Tin Initiative allows people to work in better conditions. In developing these initiatives Netherlands has played a role as mediator. The project participants include Philips, Tata Steel, Blackberry, Alpha. Philips also supports initiatives of environmental dimension into the plan to help the people of Indonesia to minimize the impact on the environment. When the tin is mined nature must again be given the opportunity to recover and it is on track to achieve this.