Tinder, your new dating app

Electronic EViL0nE August 7, 2016 0 2
Dates, dates, kickbacks, online meetings, instant messaging, you all know it. But what if you could only chat with people that you think are attractive enough and that's also attractive enough to you? You have at that time gains in appearance. When running the app Tinder first appearance, distance, and shared interests linked by Facebook.

How does Tinder?

Once you've downloaded the app and it opens you must log in with Facebook. You can not use the app in a different way. Once you've logged in, Facebook will automatically upload your page likes and profile photos to Tinder. When you set what sex, what ages and what distances to find people you can begin to assess different people.

All set, now what?

If you have entered all the personal preferences you will see a person. You then have three options:
  • You click on the cross "No, I do not like." Then nothing happens.
  • You click on the information icon. Here you can find several pictures of that person, look at how many kilometers you are from each other and see which shared friends and interests you have.
  • If you click on the heart, "Yes, I like"

    • When the person you do not like your photo or your photo has not yet been rated, nothing happens.
    • If the person you like your photo also like, is to insist that there is a match. Congratulations! You find each other for fun. If you then click on the chat icon top right, you can start a conversation with this person.

    Can I change my photos?

    Yes, this is possible. When you Tinder opens click on "Tinder ', then click on profile ?? ??. You can see what other people can see you. When you click on the top right pin, you can add photos, remove and put another photo front.

    How can I change my settings?

    When you open Tinder click "Tinder" there is then ?? ?? appinstellingen. Here you can change the gender, ages, distances, and notifications.

    How can I delete my account?

    When you open Tinder click "Tinder" there is then ?? ?? appinstellingen. If you click on it and scroll down you can see Delete account.

    Tinder on the I-Phone

    If you have installed the I-Phone Tinder, you have an additional option. You can play matchmaker. If you click this option, you can two friends from your friends list from Facebook together proposals. When you link two people they have to judge each photograph, maybe there will be something beautiful!