Tips for a successful day out

Entertainment Jarnooo August 7, 2016 0 3
To make a day out even more fun, but sometimes need a little something. This clause sets a number of destinations, some handy tips to make it a success.


The Efteling theme park in the Netherlands. Unfortunately the day often begins in the file. Especially in the weekend you stand on the way in the file to the parking lot. The N261 from the A59 is around 10 hours full. Of course you can leave extra early to be for the file, but that's not possible for everyone. From Den Bosch, you can also go in Vlijmen from the A59 and then via Helvoirt to Loon Op Zand driving. Then you avoid the traffic jam and you can enjoy an extra hour of Efteling.
In the parking lot you will usually be sent to the 'front' row where there is still place. The consequence is often that sometimes at the back is in that row. It saves a whole lot walk if you manage to knock off one or two rows earlier. You can then drive all the way to the aisle and have to walk a short way to the entrance.
In the first hours that Efteling is open, visitors are not evenly distributed throughout the park. People with small children diving like the enchanted forest and the adolescent and sprinting to the big roller coasters. The result is that these attractions as quickly have long queues. In particular Droomvlucht is often visited as first attraction. If you can quietly keep the little ones, it is worthwhile to go after two hours to the enchanted forest. It is much quieter and you can well everywhere. Before then, you're just going to be better in the country of Laaf visit. That is a little further back and most of the other kids than sit in the enchanted forest. If you still want first to the enchanted forest, then take the entrance at the back, and then walk in the opposite direction. also it is a lot quieter.
Often the queues after five hours are much shorter. Store the most popular attractions at last, it saves waiting for hours. Alternatively, you can for example, first go to the Bird Rock. This roller coaster, near Carnival, is a bit hidden and waiting times are usually as very short.


Slagharen has also been notorious for traffic jams on the N377 at the entrance. Again, a good shortcut available. Take the N377 exit for the Rollepaal West and then take the first left. Beat in Lutten left wondering about the black dyke and you're avoiding all traffic jams.
As with the Efteling, plunges everyone who enters to the right right, toward the nearest attractions. It pays to go through immediately after entry to the back of the park. Usually, it is still quiet. If performances are in the cicustent, you better be quick there you go. Most people tend to, when everyone is tired of strolling, to seek an attraction where you can sit down quietly. Result is crowded grandstands and sometimes the disappointment that there is no place anymore.

Ouwehand Zoo in Rhenen

Ouwehand Zoo in the rows at the box office can be long. Of course, you better buy tickets in advance, but if you do that, then get to the checkout, where you can not pins. Since the row is always shorter. You do need to have enough cash in your pocket.
The normal route in Ouwehands is first to walk through the zoo and at the end of the day in RavotAapia to playtime. The result is that it is very busy there around that time. One idea is to walk the route the other way. First nice indoor romp, then in the opposite direction round the foot. This has the added benefit that the restaurants that you go at the beginning of the park to also come to be a lot less crowded.

General Tips

Many amusement parks have attractions where you can get wet. When slagharen example, the notorious water slide. You go with a rubber boat down a huge slide. In itself can remain fairly dry, but the problem is that there is usually water in the boat. Especially if you have young children along, always make sure that a set of dry clothes.
Never buy the tickets at the box office. On the Internet there are many opportunities to buy in advance and discounted tickets. Look for the best deal. Saves moreover, again wait for checkout.
Take your own food and drink. In the parks, the drinks are usually very expensive. If you find it too much traipsing to take drink is oploslimonda maybe an alternative. Water is usually free.