Tips for the home

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The household, we get all face. Most people hate it, but it must be done. There are few people who regard it as a hobby household. Unfortunately, it takes time, energy and sometimes associated with bad mood. With these tips, you ensure that the household will expire easier and more fun.


Music has several good features and one of them is rhythm. A good rhythm sets us in motion. Put your favorite music, choose including a swinging, hearty, tasty rhythm when you you dancing through the house late move from one room to another. Vacuum to the beat of the music, dusting the beat of the music and mop up the beat of the music. Brushing will be a lot more fun and by the distraction, time seems to go faster.


Refer to the household as a cheap gym. Through household chores burn your calories the same. At a weight of 70 kilos you burn on average 429 calories per hour by performing light household tasks including; toilet cleaning, dusting, vacuuming. Just a clean house gives you enough satisfaction remember the line and saving money at the gym. Perhaps it is your household than less heavy.

A little every day

It's tempting to go home to sit on the couch after work and letting the housework for what it is. Unfortunately, piling the work on then you have to sacrifice a day off for household chores. Just the day and free time that can be better spent on friends, family, hobbies and relaxation. Take yourself every day to do a little bit. Just running some laundry, the day after cleaning the toilet, already working a half hour ironing away. This half-hour per day care soon 2.5 to 3 hours on your day off. Perhaps you see these small efforts each day, less against brushing. Half an hour is only as passed. Cut the tedious tasks safely into small pieces.

Freezing meals

Why every day cooking as we once more what can make? Use the option to freeze. There are plenty of meals that can be placed perfectly in the freezer to thaw in a moment of time constraints and ready. This will save you soon half an hour to cook. While the microwave heats the food you can possibly quickly with the vacuum cleaner through the room.

To-do list

Our goals and expectations are sometimes too high. We see the garden, the ironing, the laundry, the kitchen sink, grocery shopping, vacuuming, mopping, linen change and so only while. If we then at the end of the day we can not fulfill our expectations following an unsatisfied feeling. Manage your expectations happy and be proud of yourself that the whole house was dusted and vacuumed. Tomorrow is another day.

Make it easy on yourself

If you leave things sway everywhere, do it yourself not exactly easy. It gives a messy picture and before you start cleaning, you must first clean up everything. Vacuuming and dusting then finally goes much better and faster. Spacious so far as possible, immediately stuff and keep things as much as possible in boxes in locked cabinets. Give it as much as possible a permanent place.

Plan a reward

It is also important to take time for yourself. With regular attention to yourself can you ensure that you stay healthy. After you may be rewarded hard work. Commit yourself to do something fun, something tasty to eat, socialize, go to visit, to walk the dog or a nice movie look after brushing. Make sure you have something fun to look forward to.