Tips to get started with guitar, useful sites and software

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How do you start playing guitar? Here are tips to help you on your way. I also discuss sites useful for guitarists for example, lessons, tabs and advice. And programs to compose your own songs or tune your guitar. In the end, discusses some nice extras for your guitar.

How do you start playing guitar?

First you have to think for yourself what kind of guitar you want to learn to play: the electric or acoustic. The power is more expensive, but many people find it easier. More information on this option can be found in this article: What guitar should you buy to begin with?
If you bought the guitar, it's time to decide whether you want to or want to learn from the Internet lesson. On lesson costs more money and effort, but here is a bit better explained than the internet. Still, you can go on the internet very well learn to play guitar. See the sites but under "useful sites" are listed below. You will find links to good sites with English and Dutch lessons. You can also buy guitar books, but on the Internet you can find the same type of information.
It is important that your guitar is tuned properly. Especially with a new guitar strings quickly become disgruntled and thus the sound of your guitar will be a lot less. In the following article you will learn excellent tune your guitar: How you vote a guitar?
If you start playing the guitar can easily give pain in your fingers. The strings pressing your fingers and this will obviously hurt. If you play for a while you get it automatically responds to, but until then it is wise instead of half an hour to play in a row, three times 10 minutes to play with breaks in between.

Useful sites

A good site where you can find thousands of tabs Ultimate Guitar. This site is in English, but you can really find a lot good tabs. I also have a good site for, among others, Dutch songs: .Here are a lot of famous Dutch songs and you can also find lessons. Easy start songs can be found at.
Do not know how to read tablature? Then read the following article: tablature reading
On the internet there are many lessons to play guitar. I have chosen two top quality sites. A very good site is Ultimate Guitar .Here is all kinds of information about playing guitar. This is I think one of the best guitarist of the web site. The downside is that it is in English, but this should not be a problem for most people. Also a good Nederlanstalige site Guitar Tabs. Here are also important lessons, but then in Dutch. There are also video tutorials that explain how to do something good and that's often handy.
On are enormous guitar videos. If you have a tab of a song and you do not know exactly how the melody goes, look for example at As You Come: As you come Guitar cover. You will then automatically someone recreating the song with the same tab as you.
On this homepage you will find dozens of useful links from sites with information about guitar playing. Not only English, but also Dutch in several categories. The home page is:.


Guitar Pro 5
Guitar Pro 5 is the easiest program just for guitarists. You can play and listen to compose your own songs. Also, many songs on the Internet offered through Ultimate Guitar example in GP form that you can download and listen and watch via Guitar Pro. Also very handy in this program is that it has a guitar tuner that lets you begin picking through the microphone GP hear how it sounds. GP then indicates whether the string is too low or too high and you can make it as votes. Guitar Pro can you buy for $ 59, - or try free 15 days before the trial version, click here.
Free votes
A variant of the guitar tuner Guitar Pro 5 is VA Tuner. It works basically the same as GP with a microphone and if you let the program look strikes the string how to vote it. It might be of lower quality than that of GP, but this one is completely free. Download is available at:.


A plectrum is a small piece of plastic that you hold in your hand and blow with which you strike the strings with it instead of your hand. This allows you usually get Albeit a less 'warm' sound, but this is often especially useful when rock and metal songs. A plectrum is very useful when chords taking you through a pick well can hear the difference between up and down strike an agreement which is important to many songs. Picks you can usually get cheaply at a music store, and it is smart to buy some, because you hit them quite quickly lost.
A Capo, or a capo, is a kind of clip that you are in a certain place on your strings rather than allowing the guitar has a different pitch. This is because some songs require a separate pitch that you normally can not play or very difficult. A capo beginners real necessities; but the experienced players will probably want this. You can buy as little as 5 euros in music stores.
Stem Cabinet
A voice box is a great little tool. It is a kind of cabinet that has a built-in microphone. When you register begin picking the cabinet and this indicates whether it is too high, too low or good. On this basis you can easily vote guitar and it costs no Moete. The lockers can be found for around 15 euros.