Tired? Here are Some Secrets And Seem To Hide it in Forces

Health the1andonly December 9, 2016 0 8

Lucia D'Addezio - That modern, as we all know, is a very hectic and stressful life. Between work, study, family and married life, often it is the women to pay the consequences, as things to do for us girls are three times more than those of our partners.
And 'normal to be tired once in a while, but try not to show it in public or on important occasions. For this reason it is good to know all the secrets to hide signs of tiredness. Here are some useful tips to keep in shape and feel less tired with small daily gestures.

Take care of yourself 360 °

To take care of yourself and do not show signs of fatigue, these are the gestures that can make beautiful even without specific treatment. A little thing to love yourself and pamper yourself with these simple steps.

1) Start by eating healthy. Especially magnesium, found in many common foods on Italian tables, helps fight the feeling of exhaustion and keep in shape.

2) Breathe slowly. Only ten minutes a day of diaphragmatic breathing to calm down. Do not you believe it? Try to lie down on the bed and breathe deeply through your nose and mouth. Feel your breath, focus on it and relax ... You do not feel charging now?

3) Try the sauna. The sauna is a blessing, which helps to regenerate and feel at peace with yourself. If you suffer from pressure, avoid it. For the rest, the green light steam!

4) Manicured with herbal teas. Natural, easy to find and valuable to your body, herbal teas are great to stay in shape and to have a lot 'of power, every day. In the market there are all types, designed for each problem: If you have any doubt, ask advice to your herbalist.

5) Make a good sleep. Sleep stimulates cell regeneration and allows you to live better your day: 8 hours a day are enough to make you beautiful.

6) The tricks of make-up artist. Take care of your skin with the right products, designed for stressed skin and opaque. Also choose the most suitable make-up to camouflage the signs of fatigue. Just a concealer and a good day cream to remove all imperfections.

7) The fatigue fights moving. Move also helps combat fatigue. Do not you believe it? Try to exercise regularly and you'll see that improvements!