Tobacco Free in 2040: dream or reality?

Health masterblaster56 August 8, 2016 0 3
Tobacco Free in 2040: dream or reality?

A group of experts estimated that tobacco could be eradicated within the next 25 years, if governments adopt strong measures. Fortunately, there are gentler methods to get rid of this addiction.

If you are smoking your twelfth cigarette of the day, this news might make you smile. Yet it is quite serious. In an article published in the scientific journal The Lancet, a group of experts says a tobacco-free world could become a reality by 2040. Only problem: to get there would require that governments take strong action against cigarette manufacturers. Suffice to say that it's not going to happen ...

But let's not be pessimistic, if the total or almost total tobacco eradication is a goal may be a bit ambitious for the next 25 years, we can start making progress. Let us not forget, according to the National Cancer Institute, tobacco addiction would make nearly 73 000 deaths per year in France. We can now say that nearly one in two smokers will die of the consequences of smoking.

There is hope

No need to watch your full ashtray, in tears, saying that everything is ruined. There is good news: stop is beneficial at any time. Whatever you started smoking to get you off the trauma of the bottle or it is just a week.

The key is to find suitable withdrawal technique, and not to be discouraged if it does not work, but another test. To each his method: the electronic cigarette or the patch may work very well for some, while others may focus more natural methods. Relaxation therapy, hypnosis, homeopathy, phytotherapy, aromatherapy, acupuncture, auricular therapy or mesotherapy ... a solution for everyone.