Top 5 of addictions. Is addiction a brain disease?

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Eating, drinking and sex give a sense of well-being, amongst others caused by the release of dopamine fun fabric. The so-called reward circuitry in the brains is stimulated in this way: the desire arises to repeat the pleasurable act.

The addiction risk also depends on the strength with which certain drugs affect this reward. US researchers have figured out how big the risk is addiction to frequent use. The top five.

1. Nicotine

2. Heroin

3. Cocaine

4. Alcohol

5. Cannabis

Addiction is a brain disease?

More and more experts call addiction a chronic brain disease. How so?

1. You have brains in your congenital deficiency of dopamine receptors of the fun fabric. Drugs increase the production of dopamine.

2. The brains lack a good "brake" on impulsive behavior, probably as a result of a disorder. Many ADD or ADHD patients have a drug problem.

3. Genetic predisposition. Even the age at which you begin to smoke, for a large part genetically determined, as the number of cigarettes you away puffs. Yet another example: it seems that children of alcoholics can withstand drink, so they experience pleasure, but do not get hangovers. That is a risk factor. Besides genetic predisposition does not mean you're automatically predisposed to addiction. Your environment and the availability of alcohol, drugs and cigarettes also count.

4. Brains change by drug use. Brain Pictures of teenage boys who do not drink alcohol or indeed, to show the differences.


Whether you're an alcoholic, partly depends on how well you can hold your liquor. That in turn depends on how quickly the individual user's liver can break down alcohol, which is often genetically determined again: Asians in this degradation can be slow, so they feel after a few glasses ill. So you do not get drunk quickly.

Resources and brain disease

Many people smoke cannabis with schizophrenia. If self-medication, in order to prevent psychoses, at least for a short time. Conversely addiction is often associated with a psychiatric disorder. Fact: the genes you may turn to smoking or bring in a depression, hang together, they make you vulnerable.