Torque: 7 Secrets to rekindle the flame

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Torque: 7 Secrets to rekindle the flame

Making compliments, do not spend the evening on his smartphone, cultivating its differences and common projects ... there are plenty of ways to revive her marriage.

After many years, the relationship with the person who shares your life can evolve in different ways. Sometimes, that person becomes a roommate instead of a romantic partner. Children, work, daily ... any reason that caused this separation, here are some ideas to address them.

The benefits of skin-to-skin

While at the beginning of the relationship, it can not keep his hands up, after a while it happens that we forget to touch. A kiss, a hug, to take control ... these small things that seem innocuous yet bring many benefits. Several studies have confirmed that to be caught in the arms for at least 20 seconds stimulates production of the hormone of happiness, said the US site Health. This recommendation also applies at night: stay in contact under the duvet!

Limiting Technology

Scientists are categorical: there is no more communication puzzle in a couple that is looking at his smartphone while the other person speak. Establish some rules to avoid the presence of screens at the table or in the bedroom, for example, is a way to ensure a good connection with your partner and with your family in general.

The importance of compliments

With the passing years, we forget to remind the other person how important it is for us how much we appreciate it, because it is easier to focus on the negative side. Try instead to keep the qualities of your partner in mind and tell him, when you get the chance, what you like about him / her.

Surprise yourself

It's not really a secret: the routine can break a couple. So to ensure you do not fall into the daily routine, surprise your partner. A holiday weekend, a baby sitter for the evening, a reservation at a new restaurant, the latest book by her favorite author ... a few little touches can easily upset a day and rekindle the flame.

Cultivate your own interests

Being couple does not mean forgetting. To maintain a good balance between the two, it is essential that each maintains its own passions, hobbies and interests. In this way, each individual who composes the pair is actively working to be satisfied with his personal life. And this happiness can only have beneficial consequences.

Create together

Working his own interests is important, but that does not stop to have common projects. Couples who create something together, whether the creation of a family, a business, or simply decorating the apartment, tend to rediscover a different look and keep good flame.

Lower your expectations

Every relationship is different and imperfect. Before giving up, remember that every couple goes through ups and downs and that love can be expressed in very different ways, said the Health site. Sometimes you just have to readjust its goals and expectations to realize that, ultimately, we are happy in our marriage.