Tour de France and pepplanten

Sport JfreemanMD August 7, 2016 0 1
The round riders who Lauteret, Tourmalet and Galibier should deliver extreme exertion, probably do not realize that all those beautiful but tough climbs grow plants that could help them a little. They have no regard for the beauty of nature and can certainly not stop to pick some of these colorful plants. Flowers that can take care of their muscles, improve their condition or even as a natural doping can be used.
According to some theories grow plants, however, in those places where we are most needed. So around riders take advantage of it!

Arnica for muscle

The Arnica montana, Arnica, yellow flowering on the col de Lautaret, which as the name says is good to combat the effects of a fall. Tired muscles Armstrong and Contador were some arnica can use well. What in the arnica massage oil can ontkrampen their soured muscles and stimulate blood circulation.

Pink Root for power

Pink root, also known as the European ginseng, you sometimes encounter in the Vanoise or the Gran Paradiso, though he grows fortunately for me, not so directly along the roads where the Tour caravan passes. Rather something for mountain bikers or VTTers zooming past rugged trails at 2000 meters. The root of this succulent plant, which smells like rose water, has built up a reputation as a stimulant. It is a so-called adaptogen, a plant that causes you extra physical and psychological effort can handle better. So you can adapt or adjust to the conditions.

Root Master, what's in a name

Also on the Lautaret along the path of the master or the impressive alpine garden grows green and healing to the forgotten Master Root, with so ?? s real name you should still move mountains. This Peucedanum osthrutium, to say it in Latin, was used to be eaten as a vegetable reinforcement. It can certainly be useful to the celery making blade by rotating the driver soup. But do not tell, of course, because if any wheel or another rider will be using this, there will again be no difference anymore. And that is precisely not the intention.
Great efforts are also often accompanied by severe tensions, there also our pink root some help. You could then consume calming herbs, but it is not the intention that Mr. Cavendish and Boonen fall asleep during the final sprint. So it is better to use something called nerve tonic herbs, do not suppress the alert. St. John's Wort is completely in place, you can combine it with the blossoming wild thyme plants, you provided some acrobatics, can reap full speed from the roadside. At quieter times you can also take a refreshing tea or ensure that the caregiver crammed into your water bottle.

Merkx, Thévenet and Messegué

Am I doing something mocking? Nevertheless, I mean what I say. Years ago, ever has a certain Thevenet our almost legendary Eddy Merckx the knock in the tour. According to Maurice Messegué, a famous herbalist from that time that would have happened with the help of an ordinary spice mixture, a tea that had advised Messegué to Thevenet.
That mixture would have to know you, I suppose. Simply the herbs of thyme, rosemary and savory use three times a day as a tea or cold in the bottle with a little lemon juice and sugar right there. You can also get better direct-wheel racing, because otherwise this tea your sexual appetite sometimes to excite much.
There are of course still more sporting resources strengthening, toning or strengthening heart function. For example, red rosehips and orange sea buckthorn berries, bursting full of vitamin C, vitamin supplement your stock; hawthorn blossoms or berries enhance oxygen supply to your heart muscle and the big yellow gentian or small genepi keep your appetite levels.
And all of these remedies can be swallowed without experiencing positive doping tests. Santé!