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Who does not love all day just lie on the beach and also wants to see a country, need for it to be not expensive. So Corendon offers special excursion tours to destinations such as Pamukkale and Cappadocia in Turkey where cultural and entertainment are combined. The trip to Pamukkale incidentally, offers more than just the limestone rocks in the middle of a landscape. There are also many ancient affected and daily life is a part of the travel NAA

Base Corendonreis to Pamukkale is Finike

Who Corendon the excursion trip Pamukkale booked, is part of the eight days in Finike. This reasonably authentic place is a 2.5 hour drive from Antalya Airport. Finike is a port which is a visit to the village more than justified. Also nice is it to walk through the local park where whole families sit together for a picnic and enjoy. Finike is still quite see how live the Turkish people themselves. Next to the hotel such as walking ?? evening after work the ladies from the adjacent factory and fro. Around the hotel Presa di Finica are everywhere orange plantations. In front of the hotel on the motorway stops a so-called dolmus which brings guests to a eurootje to the village itself. Nice is also the local market held on Saturdays. Covered with fruits and vegetables, it shows what the Turks themselves eat and drink, not to mention attracting. Even clothes are too many sales, but also duvet covers. A walk to the harbor is fun to do. There are tall ships for tourists who spend their holidays sailing. Furthermore, in Finike much to find of ancient times. For it was in ancient times one of the oldest cities of Lycia, namely Limyra. Among them is a Roman theater to find the 2nd century AD, but also the tomb of the adopted son of Augustus.

Hotel Presca di Finica

In hotel Presca di Finica is always something to do. The animation team made up of a whole group of very enthusiastic young people keeps you young and old busy all day with games and sports. ?? In the evenings there is often singing and dancing, karaoke or a Dutch evening. Joining obviously does not, but there is not really an escape. Does offer the huge wide beach where the hotel has all kinds of facilities an oasis of calm. In the hotel can eat all day and drink. In addition to a regular restaurant there is also an a la carte restaurant. At reserve time for this restaurant is almost always full. The hotel consists of two parts, the luxury in the main building and the basic rooms in the annex. Good rooms with all mod cons. Because there are so many Dutch Dutch TV can even be looked at. People can also opt for the all inclusive concept. Then almost all free of snacks, drinks and alcoholic drinks. Only the disco in the evening must be paid. Because the prices are so low, the quality of the house wine is not great. We had the idea that he is landscaped with water and they were also a lot of other drinks of poor quality. Local drinks such as vodka with a blend were good though. Incidentally, for those prices to understand that you do not get to drink Barolo, but for the connoisseur, it may be a disappointment, so be warned.

What do you do during the excursion trip to Pamukkale Corendon?

The excursion trip Corendon to Pamukkale is actually pretty much comprehensive. It gives a picture of daily life in the villages, but also displays antiquities and wonder of Pamukkale. Who has the flight over, is collected by the tour guide and then begin the trek to Finike. Usually the first day is quite good, unless the travelers choose to draw on it.

To Pamukkale

The trip will look different every time, but important part is surely the visit of the World Pamukkale. Who comes to ride and the trip over the Taurus mountains behind it suddenly looks from scratch looming a kind snowy landscape. Although Turkey definitely knows snow areas, it is in this case lime which has been beaten down, and has formed plateaus. This is due to the water of 35 degree heat which calcium carbonate is beaten down. They form a kind of plateaus that are fun to watch. In addition, there can be bathed in the water. There have strict rules prevail, because with shoes limestone plateau is not permitted. Guards ensure that people therefore do not. Pamukkale is like the city of Hierapolis included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Pamukkale also offers many antiquities which also shows the tour guide on this journey.
Another special feature is that often there ?? night stay in a lovely hotel where people can bathe in thermal waters. These hotels are used as a spa, but Corendon provides the main traveler on this trip excursion often a hotel where the traveler can immerse themselves in the hot mineral-infused bath. Also an experience in itself.

Sale Days at Corendonreizen

Because Corendon offers her traveling so cheap, she always looks for opportunities to continue to do so. For this reason, travelers are invariably led to companies which sell products from the country itself. Because there are always people who buy something Corendon can count on for example compensation for the bus so ?? s location. It sometimes takes some headaches, because hand-knotted carpets, a leather factory or halls full of jewelry are not for everyone equally interesting holidays. From fats oens point of view and because it ensures that the trip can be made as cheaply as any traveler would, however, have to conform to these visits. Show some interest. Moreover visit are also made interesting. One can see how silk carpets are created and how and what the differences are. Furthermore, the buyer can count on quality in both the field of carpets and jewelry and there are many opportunities to get the product sent home or are repaired if there is something.

Visiting Antalya

Visiting Antalya naturally associated with a trip to Turkey. The vast metropolis is home to both natural beauty and plenty of city life. During the trip will include a visit to a waterfall and is on display the picture of Atta Turk that highly carved on a rock. In the Archaeological Museum, the history of Turkey follow very well. In sound and can hear the traveler of antiquity in the country. The old city is visited which is very different from the modern Antalya.

Royal Tombs in Turkey

The program of the excursion trip to Pamukkale is also a visit to the Royal Tombs of the 5th century BC. Unlike in Egypt, but just as impressive. They lie in Myra. Another special feature is the ancient theater that has already been built in the 2nd century AD and it shows what people can do when all without incurring machines at their disposal. After the Royal Tombs and Myra there is a great fun to visit an authentic Turkish village on the program. Then see how people still live in rural areas. Further, a cruise on the sunken city Kevoka part of the program. Impressive to see how it went.

Days off on an excursion trip Pamukkale Corendon: nice reeling

What made the trip to Pamukkale is nice is that the last days include provisions for the self discover what someone wants. That can laze by the pool or on the beach are nice, but who wants to can also catch and dolus have to go out. In the hotel are also facilities such as a hammam where guests can make use of. The cable car, a jeep safari or boat trips can be arranged on your own. Absolutely recommended this trip and no one has to leave it for the money. The trip is however not suitable for children.

Special about Turkey

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