Toys for your rabbit

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A rabbit has not only at least three to four hours a day of exercise outside the cage, but it is also necessary for the room in which he moves to create interesting enough. You do this by placing toys for your rabbit in the living room or the run, and change it regularly. What is good and safe toys for a rabbit? What kind of toy is dangerous for a rabbit and give you better not?

Why does your rabbit toys?

Rabbits need mental stimulation and distraction. A rabbit that no toy gets will get bored soon. Moreover, toys need to give your rabbit gnawing material. You do not do this, your rabbit will enjoy themselves on the seat, table legs or wallpaper. You can then say that your rabbit ?? bad ?? , but the fault lies with the owner that has provided not a toy. You can never really give too many toys. On the other hand to provide little toy invariably leads to behavioral problems.
Also for the body movement of the animal toy is needed. By putting in the living room or run on objects, or by crawling under moving the rabbit and keep your animal healthy.
Besides toys have to be not expensive. Most things are like rabbits cost nothing or you can make yourself. Of course, not every rabbit same fun. You have to try different things to find which toy is at your rabbit's taste.

Suitable toys for rabbits

Cats Tunnels or tubes
Most rabbits are very nice cat tunnels. That makes sense, since they naturally constantly digging tunnels. Put a few cats tunnels in the living room or large pipes in the run, and you will notice that your rabbit would use it regularly. Even more fun it is when you have two cats tunnels attach to each other, so you have a very long tunnel.
cardboard boxes
Cardboard boxes to climb or crawl into your rabbit will also appreciate. Mind you, a rabbit will not like to be in a box with only one entrance. Best to make a second output in a different side of the box, then the rabbit will feel safer.
A nice alternative is a maze. This requires a large cardboard box that is large enough to fit into smaller boxes. The advantage is that you complete the boxes and far places can change, making it for your rabbit continues again and again interesting to explore.
Old newspapers or old phone books
Rabbits find cracks often love. Put some old newspapers or old phone on the ground. You will then have to vacuum, but your rabbit is usually loves and has fun in abundance.
A sandbox
This is most suitable as toys for a run outdoors but also inside could you possibly add a small sandbox in the room. Many rabbits like to roll in a sandbox and digging. Just play sand for children is fine. Make sure that the sandpit is sturdy enough and can not tear.
Grass Nest
Also a grass nest for hamsters that you can buy in the pet shop for rabbits often a fun diversion. They can propel the nest and it gnaw.
Old towels
An old towel on the floor using the rabbit also to play with. He will try to pull the towel or piece of him to scratch beneath the legs. Please note that your rabbit does not eat the towel. Not all rabbits do this, but if your animal does do it's best to not give more towels.
Cardboard toilet roll
Is completely used up the roll of toilet paper? Throw that away, but put them somewhere on the ground. A rabbit likes to throw things and will sometimes take the cardboard roll in the mouth and throwing.
You can also completely fill a low box with toilet rolls or kitchen rolls and newsprint. A rabbit will like to throw the rolls out of the box or vengeance to dig loose.
Of untreated wicker baskets and other gnawing material
Baskets of raw cane find rabbits love to chew on. Also mats of seaweed often falls into the taste. Leave regularly some twigs of willow or unsprayed apple tree in the room or cage. The animals are usually tasty and moreover such toys is important for the wear of the teeth.
Other ideas
Some rabbits also find balls or toy rabbits fun. Here, too, this is different for each animal.

Unsuitable toys for rabbits

Rubber and latex toys
A rabbit can here gnaw bits and ingestion that can cause life-threatening blockages in the intestinal tract. You should never rubber or latex toys to give your rabbit!
A wheel or ball to move in
This might be fun for a hamster, a rabbit but it is dangerous. Their backbone is not so flexible, and does not bend as in a hamster. A rabbit can become paralyzed in such toys.