Translate websites and pages

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On the Internet, relatively few pages ?? s in Dutch. If you want to read a page and are not good at foreign languages ​​this can be tricky. Fortunately, there are several ways to translate a text. It's simple and free!

Translate text?

Why translate a text? Some people do it as a profession. ?? In such a case, it seems useful to use a translator but it is not. A translator often makes mistakes so that the translated text is not useful. Translating a text is therefore especially useful for individuals who have nothing else to understand.

Writing itself

If you want to translate a page can bring a translator outcome. It happens often want to support a site other languages ​​and when translating many falls can bring a translator outcome. If you write a text and want to translate this then it is wise to use good Dutch. If you have many separate words used, the language machine will not understand a story make. It is also advisable to check the text in first, a translation machine translation often makes mistakes.


Office has a possibility of translating texts. This can be found in 2007 under check and then translate. Unfortunately, the translation capabilities of Office are very limited: It is not possible to translate a Dutch text into another language. This may be free online.

Translate text with Google Translator

It's very simple to translate a text with Google Translator. First we have to copy the text into the text field. Copy the text in question through control + c and paste it into the text field through control + v. It must then be set in which language the text is then to what language it must be translated. Then press translate to translate the text.

Translate website

It is also possible to translate an entire website. For this you need to copy the address from the address bar and copy in the translation field. Google then automatically starts translating after the website to view in the relevant language. It is also possible to correct the translations of certain Google making the next visitor does not bother curve translations.
Translation ?? example
Below is the Introduction translated by Google translation.
On the Internet are relatively few pages in Dutch. If you want to read a page and are not good at foreign languages ​​can be difficult. Fortunately, there are several at ways to translate a text. It's easy and free.
As you can see, the words are reasonably translated, only remain certain grammatical errors.
Alternative ?? Babel Fish
Another translation engine is Babel Fish. This translation machine is made by Yahoo and is somewhat similar to that of Google. However, the translation of Babel Fish is less strong than that of Google:
On the Internet but little relative page is in Dutch. If you because then read a page and are not well in foreign languages ​​then this can be cumbersome. Fortunately there are several at manners translate a text. It is ly and still free also.