Trends and developments regarding Social Media

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Social media was at first mainly embraced by youth, but it gradually spreads out over all strata of the population. Globally in 2012, 1.43 billion people use social networks, and this number is still increasing. The saturation of social media is still far from being achieved. Gradually, the older user and the business world aware of the benefits of social media.

Shifts in social media land

Facebook is still extremely popular with over 845 million active users, but Hyves is now become more of a teen community. Older users hooks slow down and start looking for other ways to express themselves socially on the Internet. Twitter is emerging, but Pinterest is a social community on the rise, especially among women in their late twenties, early thirties years. Even YouTube where they can mutually exchange movies is very popular and is high in the hitnotering of search terms.

Social media business

Everyone knows LinkedIn as the social media site if you want to profile in the business community. But companies are increasingly diving in Facebook and Twitter to meet their customers here. They advertise and sharing these communities coupons out. Also, more and more apps are developed by companies. Only to find all about fashion and fashion brands there are at least 40 apps to keep you up to date on the latest fashion trends, get alerts when the sale is whether the latest fashion is in the shop. You also get styling tips and you can browse online catalogs of designer clothes. But this applies not only to fashion, almost every company that wants to attract the attention of consumers currently own app.
Social media is increasingly being used for communication within companies. Think of MS Communicator, Skype and video meeting programs. Want to know more? Then read in the article: Telecommuting and social media.

Bloggers and the business world

Bloggers are always taken more seriously by the business world. Just to stay even in the fashion world; at the prestigious fashion brands you see on the stands is not only well-known magazines but also increasingly the bloggers. The latter group often sits with the laptop on your lap immediately write information for an update on their blog. Faster and more flexible than their peers.

The smartphone

The smartphone is slowly conquering the mobile market and with this mobile phone we are using social media in constant contact with our friends, but also with the companies that interest us and our advertising to harass. If you are in town and you get a tweet from your favorite clothing store that the sale has started, you run so fast even indoors. In the train, waiting room during the intermission people check their email account and social and it is still a quick watched a YouTube video. Thus, we can always reach and social media will play a bigger role in our lives.

The hype sensitivity of social media

The popularity of MySpace community has over the years been quite fluctuating but after taking over in 2011 by a group of investors, the site was again immensely popular. The investment group is also Justin Timberlake that MySpace will create an interactive community between artists and their fans. However, it seems that MySpace slowly to collapse is similar in popularity and in the Netherlands will not really be a hit.
Hyves is also clearly a hype that has been declining and other communities are emerging. Whether this will be here to stay? The future will tell, but it is clear that social media has taken its place in modern society and will not disappear.