Tubular breasts: when to operate?

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Tubular breasts are also referred to as tubular breasts, and this means that the breasts by an anatomical malformation have a narrow and elongated shape. Women suffering from this often feel very unhappy and not female. Breast surgery can provide a solution for them. What does surgery mean and what can the patient expect?

What are tubular breasts exactly?

Tubular breasts, also known as tubular breasts ?? ?? referred to, have a very narrow base so that they are far from each other with a tubular shape. It is not yet clear why the breasts are so, but it is a congenital defect. The size and shape of the breast can vary enormously. It is also possible that the condition from occurring in a single breast. Women with small breasts may have the shape which is also known Snoopy ?? s nose is called. In some cases, the breast is not fully developed. The woman may be very unhappy with this and can really feel feminine. If there is a severe malformation, there may be performed a breast lift.

What to do?

On the basis of the deviation and the severity will be looked at what is the best treatment there. Some women may get filled breast with fatty tissue. If surgery is chosen, there will be a number of medical investigations. During surgery is usually performed a breast lift which is an incision made around the areola. The breasts can be made into a more rounded shape. In many cases, chosen implants. A breast lift is not always necessary. After surgery, it sometimes takes months before the final result will be visible.

Before the operation

The surgeon will discuss with the patient what will happen and points you to the risk ?? s and what to expect from the surgery. Because the situation in each case is different, the operation will be made to measure. Ten days before the surgery, the patient should stop taking aspirin, herbal teas, vitamins and blood thinners. It is better that the patient stops smoking, but if that fails then there should be eight hours prior to surgery no longer smoked. The patient should not eat or drink.

The surgery

The operation is usually carried out under a light anesthesia and takes an average of two to three hours. If it can, the incision will only be made around the nipple, so that there is as little as possible can be seen after the surgery. If this is not possible, there will be an incision made underneath the fold of the breast. The breast tissue is detached so that space is typically created for a breast implant under the muscle or to give a different shape to the breast. Incisions are as far as possible on the inside of the chest made so that there is as little as possible scars are visible. Use is made of absorbable sutures, so that they need not be removed. After surgery the patient has to stay another day under medical supervision.

Risk ?? s

As with any surgery under general anesthesia, it may pose a risk. In general, it is a safe operation. ?? S big risk for adjustment of the areola which may include: infections, bleeding, fluid retention and loss of sensation in the nipple. After the surgery, there can be prevented a time discomfort and pain. The loss of sensitivity can be present directly after the operation, and gradually over a period of 3 to 5 days to disappear again.

The recovery

Usually there is a recovery time of six weeks and needed half a year to see the end result. It may take a year before the scars are gone. During the first month after the procedure, there must be a special bras be worn. The first period, it is illegal to sleep on your stomach. Physical activity should be avoided in the beginning. It can take up to six weeks before you can exercise again. After surgery, the breasts are often very painful and the patient should rest a lot. The recovery of course also depends on the severity of the surgery. With this, the physician will be tuned. Often a patient after one to two weeks, get back to work. Then the patient is usually again able to drive. In the beginning, any implants are higher, and the breasts which swelled. This will descend after a period of time to a normal position and form.


Costs vary and it is the kind of intervention that will take place. Account should be taken of an amount from about EUR 2 300 for an all inclusive treatment. Add to this the cost of any implants cost about EUR 1,000. Because this surgery is customized, the price can vary.