TV Series - Arrow

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The new hit series Arrow is currently a sensation in America. Marvel comics, the inventor of cartoon characters such as Batman, has a lot of superheroes brought to the canvas. Arrow is a superhero where normally not much is known about it. Arrow has recently begun in America, it is not yet known when it will be broadcast in the Netherlands. Are you a fan of superhero movies and series? Do you like good fight scenes? Then Arrow for you.


After a boat accident, millionaire playboy Oliver Queen stranded on a mysterious island. For five years he was missing, his family members had Oliver already declared dead, since his body was never found. After five years, however, he is found on a distant island. When he returns to Starling City, he is welcomed by his mother Moira, his younger sister Thea, and best friend Tommy. But Oliver Queen is not the man they knew. His family and friends have noticed that Oliver is no longer the same, and attributed this to the fact that he has lived so long on an island far from civilization. While Oliver is trying to hide its true nature, he tries to make his bad behavior formerly somewhat well.
Oliver Queen will especially put things right again with his former girlfriend Laurel Lance. While Oliver his personal life again trying to put in order, he creates Arrow, a superhero who wants to rectify the sins of his family and righteousness in his city. In daylight Oliver Queen is a rich and spoiled man. Because Oliver is rich and a target of his neighbor, Oliver has a bodyguard named John Diggle, for whom he is trying to hide its true nature.
Not everyone is happy with the new superhero Arrow. Agent Quentin Lance tries to find out who is Arrow. Agent Lance is also the father of Laurel Lance. During the boating accident of Queen, is also killed the sister of Laurel Lance. Now Oliver Queen is back, the father of Laurel absolutely does not want Queen ever enters a relationship with Laurel.
As the series evolves, we see that the mother of Queen knows more about the boating accident. What hides the mother of Oliver Queen? Arrow can continue with his plans, and keep his identity hidden?


  • Stephen Amell - Oliver Queen
  • Katie Cassidy - Laurel Lance
  • Paul Blackthorne - Agent Quentin Lance
  • Susanna Thompson - Moira Queen
  • Willa Holland - Thea Queen
  • David Ramsey - John Diggle
  • Colin Donnell - Tommy Merlyn
  • Colin Salmon - Walter Steele


Season one is broadcast at this moment in America. When it is broadcast in the Netherlands is not yet certain. It is already possible to season one on various Web pages to view or download fee. Below is a list of the episodes of season one and the American broadcast dates. Once more broadcast dates are known, the article will be updated.
  • Pilot
  • Honor Thy father
  • Lone gunmen
  • An innocent man
  • Damaged
  • Legacies
  • Muse of fire
  • Vendeta
  • Year's End
  • Arrow comes from DC comics like Batman!