TV series Charmed

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In the TV series Charmed three witch sisters fight against each episode of demons to safeguard the world and to protect innocent people from death. Besides, they also have their work and their social life and so they managed to keep secret that they are witches. This produces the strangest situations, but luckily it almost always comes well.

How it started

The sisters Prue, Piper and Phoebe are, after their father ran away and their mother died, raised by their grandmother. If she dies, the sisters are now adults and they inherit the old house of the familly, which the villa ?? ?? is called. Phoebe find a large book in the attic: the Book of Shadows. She reads the motto on the first page aloud, and hence ensures that the forces of the sisters are activated. Prue wants to know nothing of it at first, but as the first demon in the offing should they admit that their powers come in handy.

The power of three

The three Halliwell sisters ?? also known as the Charmed Ones - prove to be the most powerful witches on earth, especially when they combine their forces to the Power of Three. They are, even before they know of magic, known in the entire magical community. This is because one of their ancestors, Melinda Warren, once the next prediction did: You May kill me, but you can not kill my child. With each generation, the Warren witches will grow stronger, until at last three sisters will arrive. Together thesis three sisters will be the most powerful witches the world HAS ever known. They will be The Charmed Ones. This she said in her own funeral pyre during the witch trials in Salem.

The sisters

The Charmed Ones are together the strongest, but they all have separate qualities and make their own developments through the series.
Prue ?? Shannen Doherty
Prue is the eldest sister. Her power is telekinesis, they can move objects with her mind. At the beginning of the first series can handle them very badly Phoebe, but later on it gets better. That's because they thought it was Phoebe ?? s fault that her engagement was on the rocks. Later in the series she has a relationship with the agent Andy Trudeau, which eventually dies. In season three dies herself thanks to the demon Shax.
Piper ?? Holly Marie Combs
Piper can freeze people ?? ??, later in the series also comes to that the power to make things explode when. Initially she is chief cook ?? at her first job, she discovers her magic and how useful that can be ?? but later she gets her own club: P3. In the time she is the middle sister she must continuously mediate between Prue and Phoebe. Piper falls in love with Leo, their light guide, which masquerades as handyman. Unfortunately it does not follow the rules of the magical community and they have a tough job to prove that it can.
Phoebe ?? Alyssa Milano
Phoebe is the youngest sister a true libertine, in the first episode she moves just returned from New York, where things are not quite gone as she expected. Now she has in Los Angeles again to rebuild their lives and really work! Phoebe gets involved with half-demon Cole, who was sent to kill her. He can not do that just because he really slowly falls in love with Phoebe. Eventually they marry and get it ?? ?? the Source, the source of all evil and the most powerful demon in the underworld. Phoebe must choose between her sisters and Cole and Cole chooses. Later, she knows to return to her sisters and together they destroy Cole. In the series Phoebe goes to college again ?? Psychology ?? and finally she gets a job as an advice columnist for a newspaper.
Paige ?? Rose McGowan
Paige has the same mother as the others, but her father was her mother's light guide, her parents let her adopt because she was an illegal child. Witches and light guides could indeed have a relationship. If Piper spell terminates to find a lost witch, just after Prues death, Paige comes into their lives. At that time she was a social worker, but then soon she stops working in order to immerse himself in the magic and make up for what she missed in all these years. Later they're going back to work at a temp agency. For a large proportion of its jobs are innocents involved they must rescue magic problems. Thanks to her father, she is not just a witch, but also half-light guide and she can orb from one place to another flash. One of its missions as light guide she meets Henry, whom she later marries.

The seasons

The first season aired in America from October 7, 1998. The last episode of the series on May 21, 2006, what happened in all that time?
Season one
Phoebe calls with a spell forces the sisters to life. The sisters teach in this season a lot about their strengths and about saving innocent people and the world. At the end of the series dies Prues friend Andy Trudeau.
Season two
Prue has trouble processing Andy ?? s death and do not want to use her powers. Fortunately, here she comes again over it. The sisters learn that they can not use their powers for personal gain and discover that their supposed handyman ?? Pipers and love ?? a light guide.
Season three
In this season, Leo asks Piper to marry him. Because this is strictly against the rules of the magic community, this should be done in secret. After a test of the Elders should they eventually married. The demon Belthazor is sent off to the Charmed Ones to murder them, but he falls in love with Phoebe, and she with him, so do not go his plan. At the end of the series Prue dies due to an attack by the demon Shax.
Season four
Piper and Phoebe are devastated by grief for Prues death. If Piper Prue trying to get back with a spell appears Paige. She turns out to be their half-sister, with some difficulty accepting Paige finally her destiny and the Power of Three is complete again. The three of them beat the Source, the source of all evil, but his powers go unnoticed at Cole. Phoebe appears to be another pregnant by him and must ultimately choose between her sisters and Cole and her unborn son. She chooses the latter and is the queen of the underworld. Nevertheless, the good in her to be strong and together the Charmed Ones eventually destroy Cole, but Phoebe's baby is also lost. Around the end of the series they have to make a difficult choice: they have to be the ability of ordinary mortals. This offer they do not accept. In the last episode Piper is pregnant!
Season Five
Cole did not turn out to be completely destroyed and Phoebe wants to prove that he can be good. If this fails, he wants only death and the Charmed Ones are completely willing to help him with that. Unfortunately, he seems almost invulnerable, but eventually they manage to defeat him. Furthermore, Piper and Leo get their son Wyatt. After his birth, suddenly all the Elders slain and Leo will replace their place. Gives him far less time for Piper and Wyatt. At the end of the season, all of a sudden plunges Chris on, a light guide from the future.
Season Six
Leo is hardly any on earth, he is busy with his new existence as Elder. Piper can not stand and wants to divorce him. In a vision Phoebe discovers who Chris is, the second, still unborn son of Piper and Leo. Through a strange twist of fate, Piper is happily still pregnant again by Leo and if Chris continues. This season is the first time the Magic School discussed. The director, an Elder and a friend of Leo, will secretly Wyatt to death, because he is afraid that Wyatt in the future will be poor. This fails him. In the last episode like Piper of baby Chris.
Season Seven
Leo is one of the avatars, a group of magical beings who at all costs want to achieve a utopia where good and evil no longer exists. Fortunately he sees in time that this plan only works because the avatars anyone who disturbs destroy this utopia and he turns back time. The sisters have a new enemy: the demon Zankou. In addition, one agent by Sheridan that something strange is going on with them. Finally they decide to give up their existence as witches and they pretend they died in an accident.
Season eight
It works the sisters but difficult to adjust to their new lives. Paige keep getting attracted to a new protégé, Billy. Eventually Billy wants to stick it to the Charmed Ones take to protect the Innocents. Billy discovers that she has an older sister who was kidnapped by demons. The sisters give it to hide itself and return. They rescued Billy ?? s sister Christy. Angel of Destiny warns the sisters for the Ultimate Battle. It turns out that to fight against Billy and Christy. The sisters beat Christy, but Billy was all the while being manipulated by Christy, so she forgive her. In the last episode you'll see everyone from the future and the past back, except Prue.