Twelve Steps to recovery for youth

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The twelve-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous is a program widely used in the treatment of alcohol addiction. The twelve-step program for young people is a customized model for younger audience. It can be used for adolescents with addiction problems or behavioral problems.

Why an updated version?

The original twelve-step program is used all over the world with addiction problems. Without wishing to detract from the character and the message of the program, the program below is focused on the world of young people. This version is like a freer translation to the various concepts and themes that are addressed in the program, making the target more accessible. Thus, the term 'Higher Power' translated as 'Coach'. In practice, it happens that the participant something or someone sees as his Higher Power. In this case, this version of the twelve-step program, literally and figuratively with a coach or buddy. The younger sees the coach as a "Higher Power."
Step 1. I admit that I no longer control my use
I find it hard to admit my addiction. Others point me constantly the risk ?? s and my behavior but I do not listen to. I see the danger and'm not cocky. In'm with friends experimenting and find it exciting and delicious. Perhaps it has become a problem because I can not cut down or quit. I see that I'm doing my parents grief and my school or work went suffer. Their use is out of control. I stand at the foot of a mountain ?? ?? problems and admit that I do not know how I should climb. In this first step I give a deep breath and take the time to recuperate. I imagine careful for what I will have nice views at the top of the mountain.
Step 2. I need someone who can coach me
This program required me nothing. It just gives me advice. To view these opinions that have already helped thousands of others. In step one, I recognize that I can not help myself. I just can not climb that mountain. I need somebody. Someone I can trust. Friends, father, mother or friend no longer trust me. They have so often gone along the mountain ?? ?? on. Halfway the climb I let them often in the sting. Often in deplorable and unsafe conditions. I've often told lies, robbed and disappointed. I need to regain confidence but I must also learn to trust. I'm learning to discover that my selfishness is the biggest trap. In this step, I work on respect and openness. A coach can help me.
Step 3. I decide to ask for help from a coach
In this step, I seek opportunities to climb the mountain. I notice that I still doubt because I can not see the top. How high is this mountain misery? How hard the climb is going to be? During my use, I have no one allowed. After all, I have no problems? Or so I thought. In this step, I learn that I need someone in my youth. The use of cannabis and alcohol has not helped my development. Because of my bad behavior I ever got into a fight. All my problems stem from the misuse of power and discipline. The attainment of the peak is the purpose of the twelve steps. Reaching the peak is from my goal today. The third step is helping me to climb the mountain. This program requires a sustained personal effort. The third step ends with;
Coach, give me serenity to accept things I can not change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to distinguish between these two.
Step 4. With my buddy I take stock of my life
Naturally I have abilities to solve problems. Also, asking for help is a talent. If the problem is a mountain is a little more difficult but at this stage I learn how I do that. These talents do I need to survive. Step Four is an effort to get my talents on the track. I think I'm too busy with my weaknesses. The desire for material and spiritual certainty often influenced my thinking. Uncontrolled desires are the main causes of drug use my or my wrong choices. When it comes to taking I discover that I myself keep getting fooled. I am proud and slide my own mistakes off onto others. In the balance sheet I write weaknesses like pride, greed, lust, anger, jealousy, laziness. If I am willing to make a good and fair balance, I will be rewarded with a clear understanding and a new confidence. I pay attention to my emotional balance. I do this by not too much worrying, not just be angry and have no self-pity. In step four are also my friends and family raised. I must break with those who hinder the development of talent. This can be a friend with whom every day I smoked a joint or my father or mother every week were once under the influence of alcohol quarrel.
Step 5. I am honest with my buddy, against myself and against others
In the fifth step, I'm going to learn to be honest. I'm going to learn to talk about my weaknesses with my coach. Without honest to myself and to oppose others I can not stay sober. If I want to reach the summit of Mount I must not think of excuses. My wrong thoughts can I change when I talk about it. In the fifth step, I learn from my ?? safe ?? little corner to come. I learn to give and receive forgiveness. If I'm honest against another than I am that too at my buddy. In this step, I learn how and with whom I can vent my heart. Pent-up emotions give way to peace and tranquility. When I am filled with emotion, I can not focus me on my climb to the top of the mountain.
Step 6. I am willing to work with my buddy on my lifestyle
If I now make a mistake, I do not fool myself by saying that everyone makes mistakes. Of course that's true, but my mistakes make sure that I can not recover. It's not about being perfect because I'm not. The point is that I try to keep it. Do not procrastinate.
Step 7. I ask my buddy how I can change my lifestyle
The theme of this step is respect. In this step, I learn what this subject can do for me. My caveat is the lack of respect. I am blind to the purpose of my life. Respect is as an anchor to the rope to climb. Respect is needed for a safe feeling. Respect is necessary in order to survive. In step one, I had to think about whether I was addicted or not. I had to think about my powerlessness over the drug use and my behavior. I had to do that to get respect for myself. I had to admit I'm king of my own kingdom. That king I must bump from the throne. In this step, I learn that my use is a learned behavior wrong. It is escapism for the pain and sadness inside of me. Respect is a force to tackle pain and sorrow. The cause of my disrespectful behavior was fear and selfishness. Afraid that we would lose or would not get anything. Learning respect enables me to get off my throne and to go to others and to God.
Step 8. I make a list of people that I've done damage, and am ready to make amends
In this step, I learn to deal with other people. I will discover what true friendship. On my way to the mountaintop I come against difficult pieces. Sometimes I am angry at others because they have bothered me. I refuse to forgive them if I do not admit my own mistakes. Usually we find ourselves using pathetic and so went again. This behavior is due to want to forget everything. It is important to write down our life. Only if we know ourselves. Poor relationships with parents, friends, girlfriends, teachers, employers or the police, are often the cause of our self-pity. How do we bring others actually damage? We can explain the clashing characters. By describing and talking about your life, you learn what character mistakes others have done damage. We search our memory what people we have hurt. Care must also avoid sharp judgments about others and about ourselves. Together with our coach we can step eight out of our comfort zone.
Step 9. I'm going to do well with them. Unless it puts them or others in trouble
In this step, I have peace, courage and prudence necessary. I need courage and insight to be accountable to them that I have harmed. I must also guard against overconfidence. I must ensure that I approached some of my old behavior of other people. It is not good to rekindle all at once. I must have ample time to participate. I get my rest at the expense of others, I'm not all at once all admit my mistakes. I should note that positive and negative reactions can take me off balance. With the help of my coach, I can prepare me well for this.
Step 10. I make it a habit to admit my mistakes every day
In this step, I'm going to work on my temper. I'm learning not to use in difficult and uncomfortable situations. I make it a habit to examine me. I give my mistakes immediately. Besides the hangover from too much booze we also have a hangover of guilt or self-pity. By making a balance teaching me to leave my past behind me. Thereby growing my confidence. Anger, resentment, jealousy, self-pity, hurt pride can make use me again. I must learn to control me. This is important not only in case of problems, but also with success.
Step 11. I am working daily to change my lifestyle, and ask my buddy to keep coaching me
Prayer is the most important way to get in touch with God. Many of us here might scare in return. When we tried it anyway we noticed that yielded the result. In this step can give others tips for beginners ?? ??. Prayer can always develop further. It is a personal adventure ?? ??. One of the first results ?? ?? is emotional balance. I can pray while I take a walk or while cycling. The greatest reward is perhaps that you do not feel lonely anymore.
Step 12. If I got a positive lifestyle through this program, I give it on to other young people
In the twelfth step, I learn to do fun things. The motto is Action. In this step, I turn to friends who still use. I get to know the value of giving without receiving anything in return. The twelfth step gives me the mission to pass on the message of this program. Experience shows that out of trouble, pain and sadness can come something good if we put the program into practice. As we work through all the steps is that spiritual growth as a result. Most were first afraid of. But after a while she noticed that they were happier. I must apply the twelve steps in all areas of my life. In my circle of friends, at school, at home and at work. Only by accepting our problems and to solve, we can ourselves, the world around us, and with God come to terms. Some will reach the top of the mountain. They have achieved their goal and enjoy the amazing views. But even if you've reached the top yet then you've come to an end. Even then you already have a better view than if you were climbing the mountain. Others stood at the foot of the mountain. To them I can show that it can. I thank my buddy for encouraging and supporting.