Types of dwellings and housing prices

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This article discusses the major types of dwellings: the terraced house, the new house, the detached house, the apartment. Also, a price is given for each type of property. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different houses?

Terraced House

A townhouse or row house is a house in a row ?? ?? Multiple, substantially identical houses is situated. On the corner is a corner house, which usually has more ground, and possibly a garage. Terraced houses are especially popular with relatively young ?? ?? people. If family expansion occurs, for example, they move into a house.

Advantages & Disadvantages terraced house

Terraced houses are cheap compared with detached houses. They are easy to sell because there is high demand. The disadvantage of a terraced house is that there is little room in the house. Children do not have big garden to play in. Furthermore, it is noisy, because the properties close to each other. So sometimes you can literally hear what the neighbors say.

What does a terraced house?

What does a terraced house, is highly dependent on the region in which it stands. In cities such as Utrecht and The Hague pay minimum two tons. The cheapest region ?? s you are paying up to half ?? 100,000.

Two ?? lower one-hood home

A two-under-one-roof house, also called ?? double house ?? called, is a type of dwelling in which two houses that mirror each other, separated by a wall. But it can also happen that two hairdressers ?? ?? also be constructed differently and are completely different in price.

Advantages & Disadvantages two-under-one-roof

The advantage of this type of housing is that example, you have more space than in a terraced house. It also offers more privacy. You only have one neighbor living right next to you. If you want to build a two-under-one-roof, the property can be tailored to your needs.

Prices two-under-one-roof

The asking price of a two-under-one-roof varies from about ?? 150,000 to more than double. This is dependent on the surface area and the region where the property is located.


An apartment is a dwelling in a building, such as a flat. There are several reasons to think of an apartment rather than a house. In apartment living often singles or couples. This type of housing is less suitable for families because of the limited living space.

Advantages & Disadvantages apartment

To reach the apartment, there is often a lift. The apartment is all on the same level. That is an advantage for people who have difficulty walking. The maintenance of the building is mostly outsourced. Of course rotate with the other owners or for the costs. At relatively new apartment is focused on intrusion, so you can live safely. The downside is that you share the cost of maintenance by the Homeowners Association.

How much does an apartment?

Again, that's where the apartment stands, a great influence on the price. The price difference between two similar homes in different regions ?? s can be enormous. Even on a relatively small distance, the prices can vary greatly. But also the proximity of schools, shops and other amenities are factors that can affect the value of the house.

Detached house

A detached house for many people the ideal picture: a lot of space, privacy and freedom. The house is located on the ground floor and there are no houses above, beside or under the house. You have little or no problems with noise from the neighbors, and a fair amount of space in terms of garden.

What does a detached house?

For a detached house, you will obviously have to dig deeper into their pockets than apartment or terraced house. Prices vary from two tons to six, seven, eight, nine tons. At the final amount of the detached house is incidentally more direction ?? ?? villa.