Uighurs ?? Xinjiang residents of Turkish origin

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Uighurs: In 2009 the world was shaken by ethnic clashes in China. It was the worst situation in China since the uprising in Tibet in March 2008 was beaten down by the Chinese army. In 2009, at least 156 people died when Uighurs in battle came with the Chinese riot police. Hundreds of Uighurs were injured, and hundreds were also arrested and put in prison. But who are the Uighurs?

What are your people?

Uighurs are a Turkish origin. Their language resembles the Turkish and has no Chinese sounds. The Uighur people were expelled during the Middle Ages from Mongolia by the Kyrgyz. She then ended up in East Turkestan, present-day Chinese Xinjiang. In the 15th century converted the Uighurs themselves to the Sunni Islam. In 1949 China lijfde this part of the world and became what was then called East Turkestan in Xinjiang changed. The state is forbidden to use Turkish words and mosques, Islamic schools and places of worship of other beliefs also closed by the Chinese.


The Xinjiang region is 1.6 million square meters. This includes one-sixth of what China. The region is home to 20 million inhabitants and they are divided into 47 ethnic groups. The largest group is formed by the Uighurs. Of these, 8.3 million in Xinjiang. The rise of the Han Chinese that is stimulated by the very government has mainly caused the riots. Of them live there now as well as ?? s 8 million in the region. According to the Uighurs are discriminated against and oppressed in the land that really is not theirs.

History of Uyghurs

The Uighurs captured in the 745th göktürks the Orchon in what is now Mongolia. In the 8th and 9th century they built an empire on unprecedented scope, which ran to Xinjiang. Uighurs at that time were nomads who roamed with their cattle from feeding to feeding.

Turkish Kyrgyz expel Uighurs from Mongolia

After 840 Uighurs were a Turkish Kyrgyz expelled from Mongolia. She chose then for to settle in the oases of the Tarim area in East Turkestan, and there was a miscegenation with the existing population of Indo-Europeans. The people who lived there already talked speaking a Tocharian language. They took real Turkish language of the Uighurs. The appearance of today's Uighurs is still good to see that the genes of the Egyptians Yet through it are interwoven. The Uighurs, appear to be more European than Turkish.

Genghis Khan

In 1209 the Uighurs came to be voluntarily reign of Genghis Khan. The Mongol ruler and conqueror Mongolian and Turkish tribes together and founded an empire that ran from China to the Danube. In the 13th and 14th centuries heard the Uighurs in the Mongol Empire, but they had a lot of freedom.

The Uyghurs have in ancient times many different faiths polite. They professed

  • Buddhism,
  • Manichaeism
  • Nestorian Christianity
In the 15th century, however, they converted to Islam.

Russia ensures independence of the Uighurs

The Russian Empire was at one point becoming bigger and therefore Central Asia came increasingly under the influence of Russia and later the Soviet Union. In 1933, the Uighurs were supported by the Soviet Union to become independent. From 1944 to 1949 it happened again. At that time, China experienced an administrative chaos.

Uyghurs under Chinese rule

When in 1949 in China came for the communists to power China had a much greater impact on the areas in central Asia. Mao ?? s People's Liberation Army took over the independent Uighur state repossessed and a year later Tibet. In 1955, given the Chinese government that East Turkestan as a country no longer existed. Policy was made that there was to ensure that the ethnic Han Chinese settled more in the region.

Own identity Uighurs banned

The culture of the Uighurs is also suppressed, just as is the case in Tibet. The region should not be Uyghur give more to children and all the temples, mosques and Islamic schools are closed by order of the government.

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