Unexplained illnesses fight it via bioresonant

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Pain, tingling, lightheadedness, dizziness, etc. may arise from conditions which are not recognized by the Western doctor. The doctor said you're healthy, but you feel certain conditions are extremely bad. What are unexplained illnesses and why is doing a bioresonance are useful afterwards with homeopathic remedies you to feel better again?

Bioresonant against unexplained illnesses

  • Traditional medical knowledge inadequate
  • One million people have it!
  • , By measuring organ function
  • Answering Questions
  • The outcome
  • Total approach necessary
  • BRT therapy

Traditional medical knowledge inadequate

Once you find something among the members you'd like to know what's going on. You go to the hospital for various blood tests, scans and photographs, but after a relatively long process do you still not know what's going on. You just keep on complaints and seem to be getting worse while traditional doctors and doctors there have no answer. Western medicine focuses on the most common diseases and disorders. The total production stage then the doctor comes to the conclusion that nothing is going on and that it should sit between your ears. Nothing is less true! Medical knowledge used in hospitals for many disease enough, but there is clearly a lack of knowledge.

One million people have it!

In our country, running roughly a million people with complaints about which no medical reason underlying. In any case, it is assumed. You're the one with the problems and have a lot of experience there. It would appear as if the condition is deteriorating and so you need answers. If it is designated as an unexplained illness, what can you further do and what to think about? Head to the naturopath to request a bioresonance, so that your problems can be solved via that route.

, By measuring organ function

The goal of bioresonance is that certain organs are scanned by specific vibration. When an organ is healthy then it will start vibrating at a particular resonance with it. In case of a different frequency is then this may indicate a specific problem. As is known by which a resonance organ has a problem can be fairly accurately determine what is going on. For this purpose, electrodes are arranged anywhere on the body, with which the reaction of the organs and nerves is recorded.

Answering Questions

To get a good picture of what the body is all wrong the picture should be as complete as possible should be completed. It means that the person must describe all complaints from small to large. In addition, needs to be known to the medical history. What did you all to thus ensure a better overall picture can be obtained. It complements the research on what the cause of the symptoms can be. Note that often the questionnaire should be combined with the obtained image of the organ function, so that this one most appropriate treatment method may be used.

The outcome

Based on the observed oscillation deviations can be made a specific list of internal problems. In addition, the answer can be versatile. Think of excess acids in the body, which increases tensions and reduces the overall satisfaction. It may be too low serotonin levels, high asparaamgehalte, too much or too little zinc, iron, magnesium, aluminum, vitamins and so on. Usually, the result will indicate that there is a combination of factors is of interest, which can be addressed separately with an agent.

Total approach necessary

After a visit to restore naturopathic gradually the symptoms you should follow the advice after the intake completely. It means you have to take multiple homeopathic remedies, which stimulate the body separately. In addition, often a combination of tea have been necessary in order to remove undesirable substances from the body or to reduce the pain. Think of ginger, nettle, paardenbloem- and rooibos tea. Further, it will be important to avoid certain substances. Certainly asparaam and aluminum can cause many problems and should be avoided through a selective purchasing policy. Due to the global approach to select the most disease can be counteracted so that the body gets into better health balance.

BRT therapy

Besides by measuring your body, there is also the bio-resonance therapy. It is aimed at by anti-vibration to get certain organs in the normal base rate again, thereby allowing the body to recover. In this way of working is assumed that good results have been achieved in this area there are also skeptics.
Do you have unexplained illnesses you let at least by measuring through a bioresonance so acquire knowledge about which substances and minerals, there are too few or too many present. By thereon to concentrate most of the complaints to disappear in a stepwise manner through the use of homeopathic remedies and teas, in combination with the avoidance of certain substances or products.