Unsprayed fruits and vegetables often taste better

Health PatalacX August 8, 2016 2 10
Unsprayed fruits and vegetables, such as lettuce, leeks, tomatoes, radishes, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, cherries, apples and pears from the garden often taste much better than, for example strawberries from the market or the grocery store. Organically grown fruits and vegetables also have a better taste than the products that are grown in accordance with the applicable rules. The cause lies in the counseling and treatment of these products during cultivation.

Fruit and vegetables from the supermarket

Although more organic vegetables and fruits are also available in supermarkets, ?? ordinary ?? products from the regular horticulture still sold in large numbers. Many people watch the impeccable appearance of their fresh produce. An apple or pear with hard, brown spots on the skin, they will not buy quickly, although this type of damage usually by heavy rain or hail caused and continue the fruit is not damaged.

Home-grown fruit and vegetables

If you have a vegetable garden and regular fruits and vegetables takes, you know those are not always without mankementjes. In turn it down once snails, plant lice and other small insects. The same is true for carbon. The cucumber sometimes has a piece of hardened, brown skin, sometimes strawberries are half eaten by a blackbird and the apples, peaches and plums may show brown spots or have housed a worm. It's all in the game in the great outdoors. According to the insects, there are no fences, properties, commands and prohibitions. What they like and edible, is just one of them.

Organic cultivation

Organic farming is becoming more useful in the biological control of insect pests, causing the damage to the organic products are minimal. They often fight an insect pest by putting in another insect that turns off the harmful animal, but does not affect the vegetable or fruit. So, for instance combat plant lice with ladybugs. The production is excellent and the prices are ahead, especially for seasonal products, often indistinguishable from regular horticultural products.

Regular horticulture

In regular horticultural uses of different types of fertilizers. Not only natural fertilizers, but also from fertilizers. There are rules for the government. Growers of vegetables and fruits will benefit from it as their products are growing as rapidly as possible and be as large as possible. In addition, is also considering the taste, but the production is still a very important point for profit. Besides the regular horticultural fertilizers also uses sickness and fungicides pesticides, which products are sprayed.

No difference in vitamins and minerals

Fruit and vegetables grown on the farm and organic production have as many vitamins and minerals than the products of the regular horticulture. Since the difference is not so. Getting nutrients and vitamins your body does not lack when you buy the products of the regular horticulture and used.


For spraying of fruit trees and farmland are rules. Everywhere permissible ?? ?? established standards. However, there will always be residual manure and spraying in the vegetable and fruit behind, however small they may be. Although fruit, and vegetables as well as yet to be washed, there may still be left behind a residue in the product. These residues are not always well disappear from the body. Some accumulate in the course of the years.

Difference in taste

Fruit much fertilizer will grow faster, hold more moisture and often watery taste. This also applies to tomatoes, and so on. It is therefore no wonder that the fruits and vegetables from your own garden tastes better than the wholesaler. More and more consumers are looking for good fruit and vegetables, without residual spraying and fertilizer. Simply because it is better for everyone's body. Especially for children who are still growing, but also for the elderly and anyone else who needs daily firm to work.

Healthy food

Organic vegetables and fruit fit into a healthy diet. A little bump here and there is therefore no problem. Valappels were incidentally home early also processed into applesauce and so does the plant still. The less beautiful apples from the farmer and market gardener indeed go to the apple processing plants or they will be with pears processed into syrup. Only the beautiful apples are stored and transported to the consumer.

Process in a healthy way

If you also own the right products processing, without ready-to-eat sauces in packets and sachets, you are doing well. You and your family will benefit from it.