Untangling the muscles with the Swedish massage

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Untangling the muscles with the Swedish massage

This dynamic massage technique is ideal to eliminate tension in the joints and muscles. The explanations of a Swedish massage practitioner.

Created in the nineteenth century by a doctor ... Swedish, Pehr Henrik Ling, this massage, precise and profound, is executed on the muscles.

"In the US, Swedish massage is the therapeutic massage reference notes Evy Jester, who practiced and taught ten years in Los Angeles and New York before moving it eight years ago in Paris. There is a healthy reflex: when the American is tired or when he suffers back, he calls his masseur. "

Painstaking work of all body muscles

"I mass with" bio "oils tailored to each problem on a massage table in the darkness and relaxing background music," says Evy Jester. The patient, naked under a light sheet, is lying on his stomach and on the back, for a meticulous work of all body muscles.

Strokes with the palms, deep sills and dragged with fists and forearms, pressure with the thumbs or elbows, friction .... adapted in intensity to the sensitivity of each.

"Special attention is given to the plexus, the seat of our emotions. Massaged and relaxed, it allows the externalization, sometimes leaving tears arise, "says Evy Jester.

Relieve contractures due to bad positions

Ultimate muscle massage, Swedish massage relieves tension and tensions related to bad daily positions or practice a sport.

The massage of the abdomen helps in proper digestion while the legs drains heavy legs.

Soothe sore stress

On a psychological level, it soothes aches and stress involved in emotional control, for example in the context of addictions. "The touch is immediately on emotions. It calms, lowers tension, "says Evy Jester.