Unwanted pregnancy

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By failure of contraception and other reasons, it can happen that one becomes an unwanted pregnancy. This is for many a big shock. An unwanted pregnancy ends in some cases in a desirable but unplanned pregnancy and in other cases, people opt for abortion. Abortion clinics perform abortions in an unwanted pregnancy to term.

Unwanted pregnancy

No one hopes that it happens to her: an unwanted pregnancy. But how well do you prevent pregnancy tries, something can always go wrong that makes you anyway become pregnant while you do not really want this. A condom, a contraceptive pill that does not work fully with medication, an IUD is inserted incorrectly ... There are plenty of options which may result in an unwanted pregnancy.
Unwanted pregnancy to unplanned pregnancy
When you have become pregnant against you face a difficult choice: do you want to propagate the unwanted pregnancy or want to show off break pregnant? For some women, the pregnancy initially a big shock but later a big surprise. For other women, pregnancy unthinkable. Conditions play a major role.

Unwanted pregnancy: what now?

When you get an unwanted pregnancy and decided not to have the pregnancy to full term, the fruit can be removed. This is called an abortion. In the Netherlands, an abortion may be performed until 24 weeks gestation. In the Netherlands several abortion clinics where they can be perform an abortion across the country.
Abortion procedure
If you want an abortion has been generally first interview with the doctor which discusses why they want an abortion and how it is that contraception has failed. Then there done an ultrasound examination to see how far the pregnancy has progressed exactly and any complications that discovering cause problems for the abortion. The woman is not obliged to view the echo and the display can be turned down on request. It shall also be a blood test and an STD test.
Abortion waiting period
There is a so-called cooling-off period for abortion. Abortion clinics may not perform abortion within five days after a woman has discussed abortion with the doctor. There are exceptions to this rule in emergency situations. The cooling-off period does not apply to so-called overdue treatments, which are carried until 16 days after the expected period failed to materialize. The period has been created to make women think the decision quietly because the unwanted pregnancy can be a huge shock and can respond very impulsively.
Cost abortion into abortion clinics
When you live in the Netherlands and it can demonstrate the cost of abortion in any of the abortion clinics are reimbursed by the Exceptional Medical Expenses Act. Take an excerpt from the person register your church to the abortion clinic with you so you can show that you live in the Netherlands.
Abortion clinics have full oath of secrecy and must not tell anyone that you have an abortion. Mind you, this only applies when you are 16 years or older.

Abortion procedure

When the grace period is over, the abortion can be performed. Depending on the exact duration of pregnancy can be a variety of methods are used. In general, it is true, the shorter one is an unwanted pregnancy, the lower the risk of complications. An abortion can be induced either by drugs and using instruments are put into motion.
<7 weeks gestation
Unwanted pregnancy can be interrupted both instrumental and medication. Medical abortion seems to be more effective in breaking down the unwanted pregnancy than instrumental abortion.
7-15 weeks gestation
When an unwanted pregnancy is between seven and 15 weeks, have shown pharmacological abortion and instrumental treatments equally effective.
> 15 weeks gestation
When one is an unwanted pregnancy more than 15 weeks can be used both methods.