Uruguay is preparing to legalize cannabis

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Uruguay is preparing to legalize cannabis

Uruguayan MPs approved a law allowing the State to control the production and sale of cannabis. If the text was finally voted upon, it would be a world first.

Uruguay is considering seriously to create a National Institute of cannabis, through which the State will control the production and sale. The idea is to protect consumers from dealer to drain and drug trafficking. Wednesday, July 31, the Chamber of Deputies passed the legislation. But ratification is required for it to be finally approved.

Cannabis smokers clubs would be legal

If this was going to an end, the Uruguayans would be allowed to hold cannabis to a limit of 480 grams per year. They would also have the right to grow six plants per person.

Smokers clubs may emerge. Including maximum fifteen members, they could grow 90 plants for a maximum annual production of 7.2 kilograms, reserved for their use.

In France, "cannabis social clubs" are beginning to emerge. Six of them have even filed statutes prefecture, like any association. But most were dissolved by court in recent months.

An increase in private culture in France

In its July 2013 review of trends, the French Observatory of Drugs and Drug Addiction reports the emergence of a local culture of cannabis herb, "likely to compete with the resin produced in Morocco."

This production comes from cooperatives as social cannabis clubs, individuals who grow for their personal use or for a local market, but also "of cannabis plants owned real criminal networks".

A new phenomenon in France, all the more disturbing that this herb indoor THC is highly dosed with concentrations of 15-20%.

By regaining control, Uruguay holds perhaps the solution against this type of abuse. Your opinion interests us. What do you think ?

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