US man gets a daughter!?!

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Today published the news that the 34-year-old American Thomas Beatie gave birth to a daughter. Thomas was born as a woman, but 10 years ago decided to go to the transformation from female to male. He is happily married to his wife Nancy, but because they can not have children Thomas decided to get pregnant. He had 10 years ago because of his sexual organ elected not to change.

Transsexual man gets daughter

On July 5, 2008 appeared in AD the following message:
WASHINGTON - Thomas Beatie, which became known worldwide as "pregnant man", on Thursday in a hospital in Bend birth to a healthy daughter. The delivery was naturally.
Earlier reports that had a caesarean on the program were inaccurate, US media reported. Beatie was born a woman. She let remove her breasts, took testosterone and changed her legal gender from female to male. However, the American kept his female reproductive organs. He wanted namely still have a child. In April, he appeared in the American talk show Oprah. Beatie gave seed of an unknown sperm donor. He is happily married to Nancy, which no mother can be. ,, If they could, I did not do this, '' said the bearded "courage erman 'earlier.
Article 05-07-2008 AD


The fact that a person sees himself as someone of the opposite sex, and also the need for it to be seen as transsexuality. To briefly summarize, transsexuality need for the transformation to go from eg male to female or vice versa.
It's not easy to go just in this transformation, before a doctor actually proceeds to the sex change will go a long process beforehand. Naturally you need to be sure of yourself before you actually enter into an operation. Usually, the process begins with a "real life test", and ends in the actual gender reassignment surgery. It is not certain that every transsexual opt for this surgery.
Transeksualiteit is actually the wrong word, because there is often a confusion with for instance gay, hetro- and other sexualities. A transsexual may well hetro- as homosexual, so transsexuality is a confusing name. Nowadays there is often talk of 'gender identity disorder'.
Transsexualism is often misunderstood, many people think that a transsexual people who have undergone the transformation, but these are actually the former transsexuals. The people who feel wrong in their body because it is a perverse generation has the transsexuals, once the sex change has taken place feel the former transsexuals are often better in their body.

The three phases of the transformation

  • Diagnostic phase: If a person's transformation from sex to want to go, he / she is in the Netherlands and Belgium a psychological examination and follow a number of tests to ensure that there is no other abnormalities.
  • Hormone Cure and Real Life Test: If the psychological examination and the tests have been completed and it appears that someone is suitable for a sex change, the person must live as a person of the opposite sex. This phase is called the 'real life test'. At the same time there started the hormones, thus changed the physical characteristics such as body hair or breasts. For transsexual, this is often a difficult phase in the process, especially because the hormones need time to be absorbed into the body. Many transsexuals have at this time struggling to behave like someone of the opposite sex. At this stage see many transsexuals from a continuation of the process and leave everything just as it was.
  • Surgical procedures: If even this period has closed, and the transsexual will still follow the transformation undergone some surgical procedures in which the genitals and other secondary sex characteristics are changed. Consider, for example the breasts, or for some men the Adam's apple or the shape of the face. For this phase, there is a huge waiting list for an initial consultation with the plastic surgeon, then comes the transsexual on the waiting list VOO rde definitive surgery. In the Netherlands we have in fact only a few surgeons who perform this surgery. From the end of the real-life test, the waiting list is longer than one year, also because it is often fled to foreign countries. The full gender transformation takes on average between two and three years.

  • Man -> Woman

    The operative transformation for a male transsexual for a woman consists of three parts. First of all, the testis, and the erectile tissue is removed. Acorn and nerves are spared as far as possible, be used to create a clitoris. Between the anus and the urinary bladder is made a hote, in which the skin of the penis and a portion of the scrotum to be folded inwardly. The remaining skin of the scrotum is used for the making of the labia. During a subsequent operation, it is still possible to work with the large and the labia minora. The last part of the operation is to push and sewing of the urethra. Often, also increases the breasts during this part of the operation. It is possible in principle to have sexual intercourse after healing, since the nerves are spared as much as possible and also a geblijven orgasm is therefore possible. All the cavity must be kept open and regularly be stretched.

    Woman -> Man

    The transformation to a female transsexual for a man first assault consists of removal of the breast, uterus and ovaries, and then create the best possible construction of a penis. For this is the most painful part for the woman because skin grafts are needed, the downside is that they can die. The outcome for the individual is often not optimal, so most female transsexuals forgo a penis construction.


    • 1 in 16 500 women have transsexual feelings.
    • 1 in 40,000 men have transsexual feelings.
    • Transsexuality does not tied to a stable or unstable personality structure.
    • Transsexuality can occur at any age, with a peak between 20 and 30 years.
    • Transsexuality is not determined by culture and is distributed among all strata of the population.
    • Transsexuality is not tied to a certain intelligence