Vacations - Rules Passenger in Europe

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Holiday ?? regulations and speed limits in Europe. Well-equipped for the journey! For many, the summer holidays just around the corner. In several European countries are you required a safety vest, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, spare bulbs or jerrycan of fuel in the car to have you. There is also a difference in the regulations relating to eg hands-free calling and speed. Read in the tables below the regulatory limit and in many European countries.

Europe: Top Speed ​​- What must be present in the car

The first list contains a number of matters that must be present in the car, plus the speed limits that apply in the countries concerned. The maximum speeds quoted are in the first list for passenger cars -under the most common conditions-without a trailer or caravan.
In the second list you will find the maximum allowable speeds for towing a caravan or trailer.
  • Go directly to the speed limits for cars towing caravans or trailer:

Meaning of color planes used:
law / compulsory = V
recommended = A
choice = K

Maximum speed Europe Caravan or Trailer

Below the maximum allowable speeds on the roads in many European countries, when towing a caravan or trailer.
* Where there are exceptions and / or limitations that are listed under the respective country.
Go there in general that insurance -when accidents at speeds above 100 kilometers per hour- may decide not to damage / partial pay, even if it is in the country allowed car and caravan or trailer to drive faster .
MTM = Maximum Permissible Mass
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