Vancouver 2010 Olympics: rash 500 meters Ladies

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That during the Olympics joy and drama are close together has been proven many times in the past at the long track speed skating. Similarly, during the 500 meters for women on February 16, 2010 in Vancouver. Dutch ?? largest kanshebster, Annette Gerritsen, arrived at the first corner crash and saw miscalculated her chances. South Korea's Sang-Hwa Lee trumped all favorites off and took the win. On behalf of the Netherlands were in Vancouver four ladies at the start of the 500 meters. Annette Gerritsen and Margot Boer Laurine van Riessen of Control skating team and Thijsje Oenema of VPZ skating team. The first three rijdsters placed via the first Olympic qualifying tournament in late December 2009. Oenema placed himself at the expense of Marianne Timmer during the second Olympic qualifying tournament in late January 2010. Timmer had a fall at the beginning of the season, sustained a serious injury and looked like Time again repaired to still take part in the Olympics, but she knew herself not to post.


Advance were the German Jenny Wolf and China's Wang Beixing the slain dyed favorites. These ladies were the last years of service in the 500 meters. In particular, Annette Gerritsen and Margot Boer made on behalf of Netherlands chance to get a medal. Of Riessen and Oenema should this not really be expected.

The game

The 500 meters was held over two rounds, with each rider once inside and once started in the outer lane. After two races would end as of Riessen Oenema 19th and 15th place. Dutch ?? big hopes of a medal, Annette Gerritsen fell in her first race after a very good opening and began her second race yet, but her chances were already gone.
Margot Boer will be able to interfere in the battle for the medals, but finished just off the podium in 4th place. Sang-Hwa Lee of South Korea took quite an unexpected gold for the slain dyed favorites Jenny Wolf and Wang Beixing that 2nd and 3rd, respectively.


Below are driven the complete results of the Olympic women's 500 meters on February 16, 2010 in Vancouver.