VetScan. Computer shows exactly where fat is and how much

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Where we have fat on our bodies? The VetScan is already popular with luxurious gyms. A GP from Hoogezand introduced the VetScan now in the Northern Netherlands.

Body scan

Wondering where fat accumulates with you? A 'total body scan' with a special X-ray machine gives you six minutes to answer a precise measurement of body fat throughout the body. The computer shows exactly where and how much is fat, neatly broken down by arms, legs, torso, abdomen and buttocks.

Interesting for gyms

This makes the VetScan interesting for waste gurus and gyms. Obesity is a health threat. Personal trainers claim their customers thanks to the accurate calculation of the percentage of fat to provide a sports and diet program where they are very focused on losing weight.

Selectively burn fat does not exist

GP Gerben Lochorn from Hoogezand specializes in weight management, does not believe in that. Yet he is so excited about the possibilities that he offers his patients the VetScan soon as the first doctor in the northern Netherlands. ,, Selectively burn fat in a particular spot of your body does not exist. The scan can help in fight against obesity, '' he says.

Cost VetScan

The results are a good starting point to work towards a healthier body. The doctor wants to gym Plaza Sportiva and physiotherapists at the Euroborg in Groningen offer a complete program: eat healthier, solve problems, and movement-oriented sports. Cost of the VetScan: 80 euros.

Fat mass and BMI

Now, much use is made of a special scales to measure the body fat and BMI, but this is not reliable. Lochorn: ,, The calculation can be different but as 5 to 10 percent. The scan does indicate the exact values ​​over the entire body. ""

Permanently lose weight

Who wants to lose weight permanently, you should not only eat differently, but also aimed to move. One who ,, his food for half let alone breaks down muscle mass. And thus falls down in weight. That seems a lot, but the lost kilos are there so again if it stays in there. The body will even overcompensate and fat retention, so you eventually can even arrive. "" By moving more fat can be replaced by muscle.

Manager Marco Peters Plaza Sportiva also preaches the combination of movement and lines. ,, Together we can make a nice tailored program. ''

Scan not sacred

The scan is certainly not indispensable or saving in this program recognizes Lochorn. ,, You have to see it more as a luxury addition. People nowadays want to know everything and measure. When you scan to repeat the half-year, you can check whether you are on the right track. The reasons for it. There's a psychological effect of it. ''

Lochorn is the first doctor in the northern Netherlands that offers the VetScan. Except in Euroborg is also in his general practice medical center Gorecht in Hoogezand a device for measuring the percentage.


In practice, the X-ray machine is also used for the measurement of bone loss. The GP had over the years come once a special service a year to allow control the risk within his practice of osteoporosis. He now wants his patients self-testing.

Compensation insurance

Unlike the VetScan measuring bone density is reimbursed by insurance companies because they have a medical background. The purchase of the expensive machines, which are used by hospitals and specialists, fits the progressive and entrepreneurial nature of the Hoogezandse GP. Several years ago he offered his patients to a cancer test. He was then stopped by the inspection. Meanwhile, the cancer research is introduced nationally.