Vulkaaneifel: the legend of Genoveva of Brabant

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Genoveva Castle in Mayen, in the volcanic Eifel region, owes its name to an ancient legend. The legend of Genoveva of Brabant, daughter of the Duke of Brabant. A story about her son, her husband Siegfried and the jealous Golo. The legend also still lives in the Genovevahöhle in Kordel and the Genoveva chapel near Thür.

The legend

We are in the eighth century. Genoveva of Brabant, daughter of the Duke of Brabant, is married to Siegfried. They live together in a castle in Mayen. But Palatine Siegfried must go 732 fight with Charles Martel against the Saracens. He must leave his beautiful wife alone. Knight Golo which to seduce her the guardian during the absence of Siegfried sees his chance here and tries Genoveva. They can not be doing but when Siegfried comes back after the victory over the Saracens near Poitiers, Golo tells him that Genoveva has deceived him. Meanwhile Genoveva also gave birth to a child, a boy, Schmerzenreich. Siegfried is furious and banishes his wife and child. A hunter must bring them into the woods and kill. The hunter has compassion for his wife and child and let them live. As proof of their death, he takes the eyes of a dog. Genoveva wants her husband to be unfaithful and hides in a cave. She lives on fruits, spices and milk of a doe. When Siegfried six years later go hunting, he chases the doe-conscious. Bang flight the doe into the cave and so discovered Siegfried years after his wife and child. She tells him the truth and must return with Siegfried. Siegfried admits his son. Golo is arrested and quartered by four oxen who have never pulled a plow. A hard life in the forest has weakened and Genoveva drawn. Some time later she also dies, but in peace because the shame of her individuality vanishes.

Genoveva Castle in Mayen

Mayen is Genoveva Castle. The tower bears the name of Golotoren. Genoveva Castle was built in 1280. Now there is in the former stables of the castle the Eifel museum, weddings and festivities are organized in the actual castle and in the courtyard place every summer the place Burgfestspiele. When you climb up into the Golotoren, you are rewarded with a magnificent view of Mayen and the region. Around and around Genoveva Castle there are regular activities. There is the Hexen- und Magiermarkt late October and the Stein- und Burchtfeste in September. During Advent is very attractively around the castle. The Golotoren is then transformed into a burning candle.

The Genovevahöhle near Kordel

The Genovevahöhle is near Kordel, about 16 kilometers north of Trier. The cave itself is situated about four kilometers south of Kordel and you come to the cave via a marked trail. Genoveva Cave is a cave in sandstone rocks, originated by the prolonged action of running water. Until the mid-19th century it was called the cave Kuttbachhöhle. An official from Mayen was transferred at that time to the area around Kordel. During a walk he passed the cave. It reminded him of the legend in his hometown. For example, the name was changed in Genovevahöhle Kuttbachhöhle.

Genoveva Chapel near Thür

Near Thür, a small town between Mayen and Mendig is a pilgrimage chapel dedicated to Genoveva. On the altar picture we see the quartering of Golo. In the wall of the chapel double tombstone for Genoveva and Siegfried. Other sources speak of a tombstone for Siegfried and Schmerzenreich his son.

Genoveva of Brabant in the art

The legend of Genoveva of Brabant, not to be confused with that of Genevieve of Paris, hand and was widely known due to the romance of the period. Also wore the mythical region of the end by: bringing extensive forests, rivers, waterfalls, castles, caves ... More was not necessary to artists and writers under the spell of Genoveva. Among the most famous works:
  • Geneviève de Brabant: operetta by Offenbach
  • Genoveva: opera by Robert Schumann
  • Genoveva of Brabant: book in two parts of Stijn Streuvels
  • Clean the founding and history of Genoveva of Brabant: shorter version of Stijn Streuvels previous books