Walking through Maastricht

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Maastricht has many faces. Get to know them on foot. Opportunities abound! As a walk along the remains of the old medieval fortifications. Along emblematic buildings and squares of old or very recent. Look up and admire old bricks and listen to their story. Discover the rituals and unravel the mystery of early Christianity. Enjoy utter relaxation during a walk along the river or follow upstream the river Jeker.

Mosa Trajectum

The city of Maastricht was founded over 2000 years ago by the Romans under the name "Mosa Trajectum. It is therefore one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands! The beauty is that there is so much history preserved. To this the city owes much of its charm. The hallmark of the city is the Servaas bridge, which you also find on many postcards and paintings. Then there are the two basilicas their mark. The old city wall, Roman excavations ?? Anyone with a love of history you came to the heart. And also with a sense of authenticity there is much to enjoy.

 City tours

How can you enjoy the best of this tangible history? VVV Maastricht offers various walking tours in conjunction with a visit to one or more highlights. So you can:
  • the Basilica of St. Servatius with its the Treasury and the crypt containing the tomb of st. Visit Servaas,
  • climb the tower of the adjacent St. John's Church,
  • the Basilica of Our Lady of admiring inside,
  • two birds with one stone hit when visiting the exhibition of the moment in the Spanish Government on the Vrijthof,
  • or the wonderful collection studying medieval wooden statues of saints in the Bonnefantenmuseum.
Furthermore, you can not name it, each theme can be hung a walk. Consider: anecdotes, archeology, bridges, plates, old and contemporary art in museums and / or galleries, nature, religion, fortifications, the liveliest district and vineyards.

Facing Bricks Tour

Take the theme of bricks. This tour takes you through different buildings with surprisingly beautiful bricks that used to tell something about the function of the buildings. This is not just a walk! It is assumed that the plaques will inspire you to get to work ?? If a free cup of coffee and a piece of custard have processed all impressions, the sleeves can be rolled up and go make yourself a brick. You can carve a relief, gouges and heels in a piece of soft marl, or make a painting. This is done in an appropriate environment, which is a typical city building that is used as a gallery / studio. Duration 3 hours. For min. 5 to max. 30 persons.

Culture and history by bicycle

Do not you walk, or do you see more and / or faster? Then take the bike and explore the city with the help of an experienced and enthusiastic guide. The tour goes through the village and out into nature. The guide will take you to special places, vistas and distinctive buildings shows you and tells you the stories on. So get to places that you had himself probably not found and your attention to things that you would have to cycled past. The tour lasts two hours and is suitable for all ages, whether you are super fit or actually ride ever. The pace is relaxed, you should finally get a chance to look around you! Furthermore, the bikes are comfortable, though you can feel free to bring your own bike if you prefer.

The road to salvation

The title of this tour is a little mysterious and that will be the intention. After the reception with coffee and Limburg pie and make groupe to discover a maze of corridors in the mysterious Roman ?? ?? Catacombs, an underground cemetery. This mystery game can only be won if you work; a good Christian trait indeed! Discover the rituals and then unravel the mystery of early Christianity. Whether you eventually experience indeed as a group Bliss will show the game. Duration 3 hours. At least 10 people.

Céramique Walk

Did not you like mysteries and you rather stay with both feet on the ground, then the former industrial complex of pottery Société Céramique worth a visit. This vast area of ​​less than 22 hectares for years was hidden behind a mysterious wall until it was eventually transformed into an impressive urban project. Internationally renowned architects such as Coenen, Rossi, Botta, Siza have their teeth are not chewed but prestigious, comprehensive job done successfully. See it for yourself by visiting the Bonnefanten Museum and the Tower of Siza, Wiebengahal with a branch of the Dutch Architecture Institute, the Derlon theater, Plein 1992, La Fortezza. Duration: 1.5 hours

Walking on your own

With a minimum of sense of direction, you can easily make it two walks:
  • Start at the cozy inner harbor, 't Bassin, and follow the river. Cross the road over to the sluice and walk clockwise around the former Landbouwbelang. Follow the mesh, on the boulevard, under the arch of the 10th Servaas Bridge, past Hotelboot and StayOkay under the Kennedy Bridge, past the marina and continue all the way to the Enci factory / Ainsi the theater. Cross the road and walk right up out well Slavante for coffee. Now you can by the path through the forest up to the left from the terrace into the woods, the st Peter's, and finally turn right and walk back towards town. You can also Slavante turn right along the fields and follow the paved road that takes you back through the residential area to the city center.
  • Beginning in the city park at the mouth of the Jeker and follow the river through the Jekerkwartier'one by the Jeker valley to Canne. Eat there a nice piece of custard or ice cream and walk back through Neercanne Castle, through the forest and follow the road straight ahead towards the city center.
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