Wandaanzichten make your interior complete

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Have you made an interior design, but you are very curious to see how it will look in your own living room? Then create your wandaanzichten to find out whether the design actually gives you desired image.


Wandaanzichten are sectional views of a map, which show the views in an interior. To wandaanzichten to make your interior, it is useful if you have an interior design done in advance through a mood board. Wandaanzichten can you, after making an interior on a map, provide a better understanding of how the design will look in reality. You can see how all this furniture will be coming out from a side, how it looks compared to other furniture et cetera.

Make Wandaanzichten

Circumference of the view drawing
Creating a wall view can be very time consuming, as it is a precise job. You can also, of course, sketching freehand and gambling and how great everything is high, that's your choice. But to make a professional wall view, you should really get to sit down. The earlier plan you need at your interior design to create the views. If you have the opportunity, please copy the created map. Do it in a way that the map is in the middle of the leaf, so to get around it still have enough space to draw the views. Once you have done this, choose one side of the map from which you want to draw. This side wall is where you look at it. It is important to properly define where you're going to cut your plan, and what to see so get on your wall view. Look carefully at the furniture that you have in the plan, and decide which you want to draw. Imaginary you can see it when you put a blade perpendicular to the plan, and this as it were 'flips'. After that go next to the map to draw a rectangle parallel to the floor. The length of this rectangle is just as long as the length of the wall on the floor plan. The width of the rectangle, the height of the actual space. It's handy if you just logging this height. The picture above shows an example of wandaanzichten. The dotted lines in the plan view the cross-sectional views. If the plan a door, window or other immutable element in the chosen wall, then draw these in the wall elevation.
Dimensions furniture
When making your interior, you went looking for furniture that appeal to you and you would like to have in your future interior. Find out the furniture and make a list of all the dimensions of the furniture. Depending upon your cross, some furniture can not get to stand on your wandaanzichten. Of these pieces of furniture, it is not necessary to know the dimensions. It is easy to open a document in Microsoft Word and herein make a convenient table with an attached image of each piece of furniture. To draw the furniture in your wandaanzichten because you know how high and wide the furniture is. Sometimes you need the depth of a piece of furniture, for example if you have placed this as the map that you looks at the wall view from the side. Besides the dimensions, it is of course useful to know how the furniture, as regards the design looks. Print made the list with sizes and associated images and place them in your homemade map with elevation.
Drawing furniture in wall view
With the collected information, go step by step the furniture subscribe to the wall elevation. Be careful, furniture that might be done. Then draw first the front cabinet, and then standing behind. Try the furniture to draw in as much detail as possible, because in this way you find out the best time or the final wall view really is what you want to have in your new home. In addition to furniture, you can also table lamps, floor lamps and hanging signs. To show the atmosphere of your interior, you can also sign in wandaanzichten the chosen accessories. Paintings or mirrors can change a lot in a wall view. For example, you can find out or putting up much frames the image shows what you had in mind, or that it might be too much or too little.
Upgrading your wall view
Now wandaanzichten are finished and the furniture in it are drawn, you'll be able to add color to your design color in the furniture. Look here again good to the image of the furniture and choose colors that match most of them here. To work up, you can use crayons, but you can also choose to paint, chalk or other coloring material. By also color the walls themselves, you can see if the color you also had in mind with beautiful furniture.