War Horse - Horse Films of Steven Spielberg

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The story of "War Horse" was already known in book form and was also to be seen in the theater, but now in 2011 as film. The film, which opens in the US in late 2011 and not until 2012 in the Dutch cinemas show will tell the story of the bond between a man and his horse separated during World War apart.

The story

War Horse is a story that takes you into the life of a man who has a special bond with his horse Joey. When the First World War breaks out, Joey is sold to the French army. Joey gets a career as a cavalry horse. Along with another horse, black stallion Topt Horn, he is an exceptional team and the horses are used together in large battles. When the war to an end Albert and Joey is beginning to find each other eventually walk back, they meet again in a horse hospital.

 A Steven Spielberg movie

The movie War Horse is one of the famous director Steven Spielberg. Steven Spielberg is best known for the films "Jaws," "Jurassic Park" and "Schindler's List". After his book "War Horse" by the British author Michael Morpurgo had read Spielberg had the desire to make a film adaptation of here. And the film is thus now come. End December 2011, the movie will appear in US cinemas. Dutch still have to wait a little longer, the film is not until January 12, 2012 expected in the Dutch cinemas.


The film was shot in various locations in the UK. As always with films of Steven Spielberg has done everything to keep everything as secret as possible and safe, it also works worked under the code name "Dartmoor".
Michael Morpurgo, author of the book on which the film is based, during the filming visited the set and was very positive about Spielberg and his way of working. It was the first time that Steven Spielberg made a film in which many horses were involved. In some shots it took 130 horses and several hundred extras along. During the filming in Britain are no less than eleven different horses used to play the lead role of Joey.

The actors

In the cast of the film are many famous names to be found. There is also a small role played by Dutch actor Robert de Hoog, he plays in the film a German soldier.
  • Jeremy Irvine Albert
  • Emily Watson Mother of Albert
  • Peter Mullan's father Albert
  • David Thewlis Lyons
  • Patrick Kennedy Lt. Waverly
  • Benedict Cumberbatch Major Stewart
  • David Kross Gunther
  • Robert de Hoog Curious German soldier
  • Niels Arestrup Grandfather
  • Geoff Bell Sergeant Sam Perkins
  • Rainer Bock Brandt
  • Nicolas Bro Friedrich
  • Celine Buckens Emilie
  • Leonhard Carow Michael
  • Dan Darby Scottish Highlander
  • Robert Emms David Lyons
  • Tom Hiddleston Captain Nichols
  • Irfan Hussein Sergeant Major Singh
  • Toby Kebbell Geordie
  • Matt Milne Andrew Easton