Water Sapphire or Iolite stone for understanding

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Iolite or water sapphire comes in shades of violet, blue violet, brown or gray to brown. The violet-colored variant is called water sapphire. The gloss is an oily shine or glassy. The hardness 7. It is an unknown stone in the violet purple color somewhat reminiscent of amethyst. The stone is translucent. The color variations are also seen in one stone. The iolite or water sapphire rotate around the different colors become visible. This phenomenon is called pleochroïsme.

Stone modesty

The violet-colored water sapphire is a small friendly stone. The silent stone seems to look around. This teaches us the stone. That is what is being observed. We have less need to act in the foreground, which does not mean we are not present. This makes life easier both for ourselves and for others.

Water Sapphire, stone for understanding

Clarifies your powers of observation. By quietly present his insight may occur. This insight has to do with a very high perspective from which we learn to look. Our highest channels are addressed in a calm way and we managed to integrate the understanding of our earthly reality.

Sapphire Water for acceptance and wisdom

Acceptance is wisdom. This tranquil stone teaches us this. Nothing needs to be changed, you are also good as you are. A quiet acceptance of what is. Our ability to accept what happens in life, develops in wearing the sapphire water.

A stone with several sides

Just like you when watching the Stone other colors will look depending on whether you are from a different angle looking at the stone teaches you that you can do this in real life, new perspectives are possible. You learn to see a case or situation from different angles.

Water Sapphire or Iolite in connection between heaven and earth

Water Sapphire opens channels. We live here on earth and that we do with our physical earthly body. Yet we also have a heavenly life, but we are usually completely unaware. We can in the higher celestial spheres have an existence in connection with our earthly existence. For those high realms to experience we have as we have in the earthly body as a vehicle, even in the heavenly vehicle. It is of very fine, very subtle fabric woven. We weave our heavenly chariot in silence, through meditation, by developing a loving heart, by being open to fine subtle impressions and in many other ways. Even though you can not name it, then there are sometimes in life situations that us these fine spheres, the spheres of angels for instance, make sense. Just maybe if you hard, need it most. Imagine you are open and talk it away. Water Sapphire connects our earthly vehicle with our heavenly vehicle. Head in heaven, feet on earth. We can learn to be the hands and feet of God. Sapphire Water helps in concretising vision and insight.

Water Sapphire or Iolite and social abilities

Under the influence of this stone grow our powers of sympathy and empathy, that of others towards us. The stone also learn to assess whether our assistance to others is or is not needed. Unsolicited or avoid unwanted help us learn, both giving it and receiving it. Because we accept what is, we have much more to offer to our neighbor. For us there is an end to uncertainty. We gain a calm self-confidence.

Water Sapphire or Iolite stone of joy

Even though this stone has a very calm quality, yet he also gives the sparkle of joy. We take life as it comes and there are dynamic and creative. We feel unburdened. The ups and downs of life, the contradictions, absurdity, we take it for granted. In fact, we are on the way to be a carrier of the light. The light in us is growing. Every man is the bearer of light, no matter how small that light initially may be. There's a growing self-confidence that makes life easier. Even though we often understand nothing of it, we still experience a sense in all this.