Water Violet: Natural Remedy At Shyness and social dysfunction

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Federica Borghi - Water Violet tradottodall 'English means "violet water" and it is a plant that grows in marshes and swamps.

The only part of this plant on the picture is made up of the flowers of a pale pink inside with a yellow part.
The violet water is a delicate plant but proud; all his strength is enclosed in its hidden and submerged part it consists of the leaves.

It grows in water that can keep away the animals exactly as those in need of this natural remedy instead tend to hold off fellow human beings.

The personality that needs this wonderful Bach flower has a dignified behavior, aloof and fascinating to the air of mystery that surrounds you.
It can recognize the gait graceful and delicate, almost as if she were dancing; He speaks softly and his eyes often escape the eyes of those who were in front.

It 'a person who can hear but hardly speaks of himself and is even more difficult to express their own opinion or take a position.

Certainly from this point of view the best side is just to respect the opinions and ideas of others.

Water Violet personality does not react and do not seek revenge in front of a wrong suffered but completely erase from his life the person who offended you; so 'as in relationships hardly it tends to quarrel but assumes a detached behavior in order to avoid discussions.

It 'difficult, a first assessment, understand the side that is to be balanced in this personality type so' balanced and calm but also the person Water Violet has an inner problem to be addressed and overcome is "walled" in his loneliness, a desired and sought solitude.

Most of the time this personality is smarter than average and have a greater awareness of the life of those around them so much that often receive requests for advice and tips but not 'receive anything in return.

Although his attitude suggests they have no need of anything is not really so 'and this way exchange drives him to step aside and to cultivate its diversity.

Who needs the remedy Water Violet is the person who has difficulty relating to others, it is stiff in his behavior and attitudes and often prefer to retire in his home environment rather than join in the evenings with friends.

Water Violet helps these people to "unfreeze" their personality, to understand that they need to broaden their perspective and can find something good in everything around them, including people.