WE Act Investing in Youth

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Youths who after leaving school can not find jobs, have no equal right to a benefit from the municipality. Investing in the Act is contained in Young that the municipality is obliged to make them an offer. Young people with a low education, have difficulty in finding employment. In times of high unemployment, this also applies to young people with higher education. If there is no demand in that particular sector in which training is aimed, it remains difficult to find a suitable job. In the past, young people had equal benefits but to avoid structural unemployment, it was decided to set strict demands on distribution rights for young people.

Youth unemployment

In the year 2009 there were 121.0000 youth unemployed. This was an increase of 27,000 compared to one year earlier. The damage from the credit crisis is still limited by government interference. At that time there are jobs plans established to provide young people with better opportunities, and they have encouraged young people to learn longer. Starters on the labor market have in fact very heavily in a shrinking labor market.

To whom does the Act Investing in young people?

The law is set up for young people between 18 and 27 years. Until the age of 18, they are required to undergo training in addition, they must have a minimum qualification. That means an MBO diploma at level two or a HAVO or VWO diploma.
To 27 years there is no entitlement to social security benefits. The municipality is obliged to make these people an offer of work or learning provision, or a combination of both. The young person is obliged to accept this offer. In some cases it is possible that the municipality's income goes to supplement the assistance level. When refusing the offer is not entitled to benefit

Unemployed and older than 27 years

In that case there is a right to social assistance. The social assistance is based on the minimum wage. The amount of the payment depends on the family situation. A single person receives less than a couple with children.

Purpose of the Act Investing in Youth

Someone who from a young age is in a long-term benefit, has a high probability that the career is never really get off the ground. They come in a downward spiral, and their resumes will also look increasingly unattractive to employers. A negative trend can not easily be broken, it is easier and cheaper to prevent young people find themselves in such a situation.

Working in a different direction

Some young people will be required by the municipality to accept a job that does not fit the training. If you are unable to find for himself a suitable job must still be accepted the job offered. Of course it is still possible to find another job in the desired direction. The disadvantage of the law is that the young people going on work experience as possible in an industry where do is not their future, but experience remains important in any direction.