Weapons in the US drama nav April 17, 2007, blacksburg

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Between the United States and Europe, there is in the field of weapons a very large difference in culture. For example, to obtain his arms in the United States for all easy. Because everyone so easily a weapon may be the temptation to use it there. In this way arise naturally much easier drama ?? s as at April 17, 2007 in Blacksburg, Virginia. But not only in the United States comes to this, in the Netherlands there are in history

The drama in brief

So first the tragedy in Blacksburg at 7:45, the gunman shot two people in West Ambler Johnson Hall ?? ??, a residential complex. To 9:15 was the perpetrator of the Norris Hall doors locked with chains and were murdered 31 students and teachers. After which the perpetrator committed suicide. To 9:26 is a first e-mail circulated to all students. It states that there has been a shooting incident occurred in the residential complex and that everyone has to look, nothing more. At 9:50 there is a second e-mail with the information that the gunman walking around on campus. And at 10:16 there is a third e-mail with the information that all classes are canceled and you should stay where you are, away from the windows. At 12:15 there will be a press conference held by the director of the university in which he speaks of a tragedy of monumental proportions ?? ??. The head of the police talking about 21 deaths. Ultimately turn it 32 inculsief perpetrator to be.

The offender

The culprit is Cho Seung-Hui, a 23-year-old South Korean who is studying English at the same university. He swallowed anti-depressants, which has long been known that this bizarre ?? fil-outs ?? can cause. He wrote harsh stories or plays, for which he received psychological help. One of his plays is about a quarrel between a 13-year-old boy and his stepfather, whom he accuses of the murder of his real father and pedophilia. Eventually the man beats the boy dead.
He has extended this action scheduled in advance. So he bought weapons, just what is legal in Virginia if you're 12 or older. But he has also recorded video ?? s where he says one thing and another. For example, he refers to Dylan and Eric, two guys who in 1999 shot dead 13 students and himself. He also says that ?? you ?? guilty of, but who exactly who you are, he does not say. This video ?? s ?? along with photographs and texts he sent to NBC news. In the fall of 2005, he was a danger to himself and others labeled as mentally ill he ?? ?? was. He's been in contact with the judge after he stalked women, fires and stichte themselves on social-behaved during lectures. They tried to convince him that he needed help and which to look. But he has never had a long-term therapy.

Cultural Difference in the area of ​​weapons

Most Europeans think alike after something like that, it's the weapons and that should just abolish them. But in America, they argue exactly the opposite direction, just more weapons. So said former FBI ?? there Nina Aldrigde ?? If students all had a weapon when he entered, this massacre would have never occurred ??.
?? Progressive intellectuals who make a connection between the relatively high number of murders and the free possession of weapons in the US, no longer the tide. Scientists supported their assumptions for years. But the gun lobby has its own researchers and statistical realities brought forth that would prove otherwise. ?? So it becomes increasingly difficult to stop the very powerful arms industry.
Or Philip Van Cleaf, leader of ?? Self Defense League of Citizens in Virginia ?? said: ?? Virginia Tech must now allow guns on campuses because if only one of the victims had a weapon, incidents could have been totally different ??. Indeed, this was totally different unpacked when students were with a weapon. So say the opponents, the people who are for a weapon ban, there would be a total choas. One would not know who the real culprit is and who now who shoots. But proponents say that it is the perpetrator scares which he would quit prematurely. Whether the offender must also replenish its ammunition in z ?? n gun and that it will not be a hail of bullets and many lives would be saved. The reason that no students had a weapon, was that on campus, one of the few areas, a weapon is prohibited. It has been a proposal to weapons there as well to leave, but this was rejected.
A quote from Jacques Geurts, historian and adviser study American Studies at Radboud University ?? I just read the farewell letter that the offender has failed and it is striking how full of frustration this student has been. And in the United States, it is simply the case that a disturbed psyche in combination with the availability of arms can easily lead to this type of scrubbing. Furthermore - and this is for Dutch tricky to understand - it's ingrained in American culture to bring matters by force a solution ??. He says so clearly that we in the Netherlands have a very different culture than in the United States.
Four years ago, American psychologists analyzed fifteen American school shootings from 1995-2001. Thirteen of them felt the offenders rejected ?? they were bullied, ignored or had an unattainable love. Other risk factors were interested in weapons, death and satanism, and psychological problems like depression or sadistic tendencies. Cho meets almost all the criteria. Loneliness is especially interesting as a risk factor. It is a basic human need to feel comfortable connected to others.
The American wants his weapon also do not like to hand. The ancestors has conquered America with guns and now they have to protect it with their rifles. There are even plenty of Americans who do not feel complete without their guns, they have a gun like a mobile phone. They feel powerful, even though everybody-about a gun with him. But when one feels powerful, it is still questionable whether you also not going to use your gun, it can nevertheless not go wrong as you feel. Suppose that America does all weapons had to hand, then the criminals keep their weapons and brave people deliver their weapons. Then it divided even worse, because ordinary citizens are completely unprotected against the criminals all have a weapon.

Game industry

Also received, even without any evidence, the gaming industry's fault. The games would encourage aggression, according to Dr. Phil. in the CNN program Larry King Live. "We as a society program these people. With common sense, you can think of videogames where kids hit the same killing and violence being romanticized on television, become part of our society part" and "When you combine that with a psycho or sociopath or someone who suffers from a mental illness, and you add a dose rage increased, then the urge to violence in practice, too big. " It says Dr. Phil actually that if one of childhood with all these violent games played to reach the target or on TV can see something like that, you're going to find it normal. There are also again been pushed against bystanders in and say that it is good to play these violent games, so one becomes kwijd aggression. Both sides claim to be based this on research and facts. But it is still questionable whether those studies have thus completely honest ?? ?? have expired.


As free as the Weapons Act is now, is probably a bit too freely. An example; after you buy a weapon you stay briefly registered, then you will be thrown out the file due to privacy reasons. Even if weapons are sold, there is no sight more. this is therefore the temptation to buy a gun and commit himself to the round go shooting too high. The US government may make laws difficult against the arms industry, because he himself is supported by the arms lobbies. Furthermore, the Americans themselves see no point in not well. Most US citizens believe they can protect themselves well with a weapon and therefore feel safer. Which of course is ridiculous for Europeans.
There should schools be better considering the behavior of the students. Cho was advised to seek help, but he never did. This is a wrong system, they should oblige him and he should not himself seek the help should come to him. So I think the system in europe better flawed, although there are in Europe prevent this kind of thing.