Weather Overview February 2015: dullness trump but sunny

Science solderx December 9, 2016 0 9
Looking at the weather in February was in February 2015 a month with few highs and lows. With an average monthly temperature of 3.5 degrees to 3.3 degrees normal, it was a winter month by the book, even if it was, except for a few to mention cold beginning of the month, not really winter. A month without big surprises, except for the last day, which led to a surprising conclusion.

A cold start

Due to a northwest trend started in February rather cold with temperatures the first few days often remained below the long term average. Really it was not winter; during the day the temperature was well above freezing and although there overnight here and there was some snow, which melted away during the day largely weather. Until a ijsdag came not in February. On a ijsdag also comes to the maximum temperature is not above freezing out. Normally knows February, two of these days.
It was the coldest on Saturday the seventh. At KNMI station Twente - measured 6.8 degrees. That day there was a national perspective considerable nuisance because of snow and sleet. Fortunately belonged in the course of the afternoon all smoothness again to the past.

Milder air

From ten of February we arrived in a southern flow. The few days before had overnight allowing no more frozen all winter vestiges of earlier in the week, disappeared like snow in the sun. We were given a period of calm, sunny weather, with Friday the 13th was reminiscent of the spring. The hottest temperature in February was on that day in Woensdrecht gemeten.Daar was 11.7 degrees.
From 10 to February 20 was generally calm weather, with the sun, especially in the first days of the period, not left without witness. Because the nights generally went clear were regular frosts. February also knew the normal number of frost days - fifteen. At the last minute it was freezing even in the 28th still half a degree in De Bilt, bringing the number of frost days comes just fifteen.

Another keg

Sadly it take the pleasant, dry and quite sunny weather just ten days. On February 20, another trend was deployed mainly in the west prolonged rainfall. The days after it was hit and miss and mostly very windy weather. On the night of 22 on February 23 stood on the shore a stormy wind, wind 8. Also during the day the wind was blowing hard, combined with heavy rain. Until the 26th remained unsettled weather, already had the sun in between also see regularly. The wind was and remained the big spoilsport. On 27 and 28 February was the day enjoying sunny weather, but made the breeze that you are not for fun grabbed the bike.

Normal rainfall

Although in the last days of the month, many fell down and it was very wet for everyone's feeling, there is in De Bilt not much more than the normal rainfall. This is partly because the month had a long, dry spell. Longer time of the month thus seemed to go dry run, but so changed in the last week. With a precipitation of 65 mm to 60 mm normal, was in February 2015 in terms of rainfall a fairly normal month.

A surprising finale

February was a sunny month. Which would otherwise have to settle for 85 hours of sunlight, the counter in February 27 was already on 105.9 hours of sunshine. This was not enough for a place in the top ten sunniest month since February 1901, although there were only five hours to 1983 from the tenth place to dispose of.
The expectation was that the last day of February is not would bring a lot of sun, since there, in the course of the day, rain was expected. But nothing is as changeable as the weather: it was a sunny day, which was good in De Bilt for 6.8 hours of sunshine! This brought the total number of hours of sunshine at 112.7, which in February 2015 even occupied the 7th place in the list of sunniest months since February 1901!
Lonely on top is still in February 2003 with a total of no less than 157.7 hours of sunshine, some that will not be matched quickly: 2nd place is occupied by February 1975 with "only" 134.8 hours of sunshine a big difference.


The boring weather month of February 2015 did so at the last minute still make history in meteorological field. Briefly we can say that in February 2015 was a very normal third winter month. That is, if you look at temperature and precipitation. Because it was a sunny month, which even earned a ranking in the top 10 of the sunniest month since February 1901.