Weekend in the Belgian Ardennes: Gouvy

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Weekend breaks? The Belgian Ardennes is a splendid destination. Within a few hours away by car, you are already there. For example, consider a weekend trip to Gouvy. This town is surrounded by beautiful nature. It is a wonderfully quiet holiday destination for those that want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Gouvy in brief

Gouvy is located in an area that the High Ardennes is mentioned in the northeastern part of the Ardennes. Gouvy is located about 115 km south of Maastricht and just a few kilometers from the border with Luxembourg. There live in this place about 4500 residents. The music lovers know the town might have been because of the famous Jazz and Blues Festival to be held here since 1978 almost every year. Read here what to do and see in Gouvy.

The most beautiful walks in Gouvy

Gouvy is a great base for a weekend in the Ardennes for people who love walking. There are in the immediate vicinity of Gouvy some 36 signposted walks off. The lengths of the walks are between 2.5 and 14 km. All routes run through beautiful areas of natural beauty. Hiking maps are available at the tourist office at the station of Gouvy.
We recommend the short nature trail of Massotais in Baclain about 8 km west of Gouvy. This nature trail of 800 meters is an initiative of the Natural Les Deux Ourthes and the tourism office of Gouvy. The trail is marked by works of the artist Joost Vanvoorden and you will find interesting information panels. It is also the ideal place for a picnic.
Another attraction is the 10km long hike that is led by young people from the nearby villages Bovigny and Courtil in collaboration with Les Deux Ourthes Natural Park and the tourist office of Gouvy. The walk along the most unique trees in the area. Along the way you'll notice boards opposite the trees along the route.

Riding in Gouvy

It is also a unique experience to explore Gouvy once from horseback. For this you can contact the Willow Springs Way Station, where they organize horse riding trips under expert guidance. You can also choose to book a covered wagon. Afterwards you can in the cozy saloon at Willow Springs Way Station enjoy a snack and a drink.
Cherain 24m ?? 6670 GOUVY
Tel: 080-78 51 11

Peasant in Gouvy

At Ferme de la Planche you can take the whole family to enjoy rural life. Children will find a donkey walk quite fantastic. A covered wagon ride through the beautiful surrounding nature also among the possibilities. You can also encourage family members to challenge the farmer golf course. An experience you will never forget.
Montleban 75
6674 Gouvy
Tel: 080-51.78.62
E-mail: info Gouvy Here we have three exciting and diverse attractions Gouvy selected for you.
Brewery Les 3 Fourquets
In this brewery in Gouvy, the Lupulus beer brewed. This is a strong pale beer with an alcohol content of 8.5%. Lupulus the beer is brewed with malt, hops, water, yeast and a little thyme which makes for a unique taste. During a tour of the brewery, you can see how the beer is made and of course there is the possibility to taste the delicious beer. The tours are by appointment only and for a minimum of 10 people.
Courtil 50 ?? 6670 Gouvy
Tel: 080-64 38 39
Fallow Deer and Deer Park Cherapont
True animal lovers must visit the Fallow Deer and Deer Park Cherapont it. It's a beautifully maintained park where you can spot the most beautiful deer. There is also a natural swimming pool and there are also fishing.
Cherapont 2 ?? 6670 Gouvy
Tel: 080-51 70 82
Email: cherapont old radio ?? s ?? s and Vespa
Victor Trembloy states in Gouvy its collection of over 400 old radios still functioning ?? s display. He also has a collection of vinyl records, postcards, Vespa ?? s and all other vehicles on wheels. You can visit all year round on Saturdays from 09:00 to 18:00 and admission is free.
Rue center 3-6670 Gouvy
Tel: 080-51 73 00