Weight loss with strength training

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Weight loss with strength training, which're not together? Yes it is, research has shown that strength training is a very effective way to burn fat fast and lose weight. Not only for men but also for women is that results can be achieved quickly lose weight in the gym. With a limited number of exercises for strength training the whole body is activated to increase fat oxidation.

Weight loss with strength training, the theory

It's no surprise that celebs and supermodels swear by a personal trainer instead of guiding a triathlon or marathon athlete. A slim and toned body does not ask for a half-marathon or an iron condition. Your body simply must be fully put to work with the major muscle groups. These are your legs that includes contain the largest muscles in your body, your back and upper body what the chest and shoulders. By the line of expectations are indeed in the abdomen, buttocks and arms disregarded. The muscles in these body parts are doing the exercises below, namely already trained a lot.
Strength training makes you lose weight because the entire body is charged and thus is working continuously to let your muscles recover. The depletion of muscles keep your body nutrients are calling to promote muscle recovery and muscle growth. Nutrients from food are hereby incorporated perfectly into place if they get the chance to turn into fat. With sufficient load the muscles your body will not have enough of the nutrients from your food, but also appeal to your reserves. Be so degraded by strength training and fat into muscle growth. A good diet promotes the conversion again when your body still more reserves will speak to you. The growth of the muscles will also ensure that these more energy to expend all your movements which also has a positive effect on the metabolism of nutrients and fats.

What strength training for weight loss?

As explained above, only a small portion of the muscles being taxed to train the entire body. With a few simple exercises to perform these major muscle groups can be trained effectively. Because the purpose of the training muscle growth, the muscles will be taxed considerably. You do this by performing three sets of each exercise that you first set choose a weight that you can repeat 10 times with some difficulty. The next set imagine the weight so that you can repeat at least eight times with great effort. At the last set is sufficient to repeat the exercise at least six times before but here you have to go to extremes.
The squat is an exercise that many muscles rather intensively work. These genuflections not only burden the biggest muscles in your legs as well as your buttocks, back and stomach have a hard time with this exercise. So grab your so quite a few muscles by performing only an exercise.
The squat are executed by putting your feet slightly apart, shoulder width apart and then bend your knees to 90 degrees with a back as straight as possible. It is important that your knees do not go past your toes and keep your back as straight as possible. Actually, if you sit on the edge of a chair. This exercise requires not only many of the major muscle groups just discussed but also many small muscles addressed in these zones due to the equilibrium element.
The exercise can you do first freestanding without weights to make the implementation as well as possible. Only when you can perform the exercise properly and smoothly you can go perform the squat with added weight, the so-called weighted squat. There are plenty of opportunities to make the squad with extra weights. This can be addressed here less muscles in a mitt machine or squat rack but by the forced movement. It is therefore better the squad with two dumbbells, one kettlebell or carry out a barbell.
Complete explanation of the squat with movie
The deadlift is the perfect strength for the major muscle groups in your back. Outside your back to the deadlift also the legs, buttocks, abdomen, arms and shoulders taxed considerably. The equilibrium of this aspect fitness exercise also ensures that smaller muscles in these areas are exposed to muscle strength training.
At the deadlift grab a barbell or two dumbbells with your knees slightly bent and bent but with a hollow back on the ground and then come in a full upright position. After coming from the back the weight slightly to have the land lifted straighten your knees straight and your back completely. In the final position you have dumbbells or barbell in a fully upright position against you.
The deadlift requires a lot of your balance and coordination and are thus susceptible to injury. It is therefore important to control the first exercise with a layer or even completely without a weight.
Complete explanation of the Deadlift with movie
Bench Press, bench presses
The bench press is the best known but not always the most popular fitness exercise. This is because a so-called 'spotter is a requirement to be able to go up to the maximum. You get the barbell no longer up to the last iteration then the spotter help you to hang the bare bell back into the hooks. You can, however, perform well only the bench press with a standard bell instead of using two dumbbells.
Lying on a bench lift the standard dumbbells above your chest with your elbows up stabbing outside and you keep your arms at a 90 degree angle. Then extend your arms up where you hold the dumbbells in the final position about 10 centimeters apart. In the final position of this exercise, you stretch your chest muscles and your back extra to then let the dumbbells again carefully.
As you read, not only in this exercise your arms taxed but your chest, shoulders and back. This is also the dumbbell bench press a typical exercise involving several muscle groups with just a flick are taxed.
Complete explanation of the Bench Press with video

Machine, free weights or cable

As the description of the above exercises already reveals is running the squad, deadlift and bench press the most effective with free weights. Thus, coordination and balance muscles also taxed and this instability also creates a greater burden of the large muscles. However, all these exercises are also simulated in various cable machine or exercise equipment. For a young athlete may be appropriate to make its first use to reeducate the muscles to move and load. The use of free weights, however, is preferred and also provides the ability to home to carry out the exercises with a relatively inexpensive dumbbell or pressure bell set.

Other strength training exercises

The squat, deadlift and bench press are the most widely used and highly effective strength training exercises for the major muscle groups legs, back and upper body workout. However, there are plenty of exercises to train these muscle groups or parts of it, with both free weights and machines with or cable setups. It would be too easy if you have to perform only these three exercises you can fill evening gym. The best you can always train a specific muscle group per visit to the gym. Monday instance your legs, your upper body Wednesday and Friday you back. The above exercises you fill with other exercises you train the same muscle group. This can legg raises and lunges for the legs, back extensions and lateral pulldowns for back and fly, and shoulder presses for the upper body. By concentrating on one muscle group per gym visit you also give the muscles below adequate rest to recover.

Strength training combined with cardio and

Strength training aims to deplete the muscles continuously by them to charge up within a short time. The exhaustion requires muscle recovery which will eventually lead to muscle growth. This then leads to the fact that the body will burn more energy because larger muscles simply ask for more energy. This greater muscle as well as endurance running or cycling to get things done is to get the best of both worlds: A higher energy consumption by the bigger muscle and a long-term load of that muscle. Combine strength training with endurance sports is a perfect combination. More so because the long-term load with cardio requires firm and strong muscles. In the article Lose weight with racing you can read all about here.