What are the benefits of aquatic yoga?

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What are the benefits of aquatic yoga?

And if you reproduce the natural movement of water in waves like a fish? One way to balance body and mind to relax while recovering energy ... Discover the aquatic yoga, a recent discipline.

The aquatic yoga comes from Quebec, where it was invented in the late 1970s by the Quebec-Veechi Carole Dion.

Based on the method of the wave

"This discipline is based on the method of the wave, develops Brigitte Marion, lifeguard lifeguard, relaxation therapist, Gestalt therapist and yoga formed by water-Veechi Carole Dion.

Water has two essential movements: the ripple and the spiral. The human being, made up of 70% water, is naturally inhabited by these two movements, and the aquatic yoga proposes to reproduce them in water. "

A practice that borrows yoga postures but also the quest for balance between body and mind, work on concentration, breath and breathing. More experienced up to a meditative practice.

How is a aquatic yoga session?

In practice, we discover how a small movement made by one part of the body is sufficient to print a global movement to the whole body: that one on the belly undulates like a wave, or you turn on yourself to the manner of a spiral.

"Exercises that require a deep relaxation of the body, says Brigitte Marion. It also involves considering the arms and legs as a simple extension of the trunk. "

To stay long under water

Also essential: controlling breathing, including its expiration, in order to stay under water longer. "The work is performed alternately in water and its surface, with a diving mask, in an almost always lying. You can sometimes find themselves in an upright position as when we reproduce the ripple of the flame of a candle. "

As to the sessions, fifty postures that are assimilated, with experience, are linked in a continuous movement for about twenty minutes, without putting feet on the floor.

"I complete my sessions by learning traditional medley revisited a new body awareness and with particular attention to the spine, never twist. "

What benefits?

Noting that a small movement affects the whole body, it develops a fine perception of each part of his anatomy. Moreover, the breath improves and strengthens the column while relaxing. Body and mind are thereby relaxed but energized: the spine forming, with the spinal cord, a major nerve center.

"We finally learns to behave differently, says the teacher Brigitte Marion. It does not obey what we are asked to do, but to act according to his personal bodily sensations. Each progresses at their own pace, which is why all levels are included in the same class, with ten students maximum. "

Read: Aqua Yoga: aquatic exercise for pregnancy, childbirth and the first months after birth, Françoise Barbira Freedman, ed. Manise, an adaptation of the yoga in a liquid medium to prepare for childbirth.