What does conserve water and how water

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Water is essential and an important necessity of life. In some countries it is scarce. With us, it flows like water from the tap. Water costs money. How much water will cost you per year depends on the price per liter or m3 and how much you use. By saving on your water, you can reduce your water bill significantly.

What is the cost of water?

Each liter of water that you use at home from the mains supply, is maintained by a water meter. The price of the water is normally given either per m3 per 1000 liters of water.
The water costs on average ?? 1,50 per m3. This includes taxes and fixed costs for connection etc. Not everyone pays the same. Depending on where you live water costs between ?? 1.26 ?? 2.21 per m3.
If you use more water than the average seen over the water will cost you per m3 less than the average, partly because the flat fee calculated per m3 or less. You also pay for all water over 300m3 per year, no more water tax.
An example of the cost in detail: waterworks company Vitens in 2011
Price per m3 of water ?? 1.118
Tax first 300m3 per year. ?? 0,167
Standing charge connection ?? 26.50
For each m3 below 300m3 pay so ?? 1.285. About everything you use more, you pay no tax and will cost you ?? 1.118 per m3.
  • The average water consumption per person per day has decreased over the years from 135 liters in 1992 to 120 liters in 2010.
  • Based on the average price of ?? 1.50 per m3, ie 0.15 euro cents per liter, the cost of water per person per day ?? 0.18.
  • On an annual basis using an average person this 43,8m3 water for a total of ?? 65.70.
  • Consider: about 24% of the price of the water load.
  • Water is not really expensive, but imagine you often water the garden. Assuming an average crane sprays you with about 10 liters in the minute or so ?? s 600 liters per hour. One hour watering the garden takes over at around 1 euro.

Why water is not free?

You might think that the water does not cost anything because it is free in the ground and there is sufficient surface water available. True, but of course cost things like pumping, cleaning and checking the quality, but also the transport, through the extensive water supply network in your home to have money.

Saving water

It is a shame, for example, to flush the toilet through our drinking water from the tap. Only the cost per person is already an average of 34 liters a day. To do this would be fine quality water can be used, for example, collected rainwater. However, the current price of our tap water is so low that it can not really financially from investing in these alternatives. Of course there are plenty of practical things you can do to still conserve water, for example:
  • Go less often in bath and shower as short as possible.
  • Install water saving cistern, faucets and showerheads.
  • Preferably use rainwater ditch or well water to water the garden / plants and do this as little as possible.
  • When buying a new washing machine or dishwasher on water use and use as much as possible the water saving program ?? s.
  • Leave the water running when not needed during for example washing hands or brushing teeth.

Important tip
Check for leaks! Dripping taps waste a lot of water, up to thousands of liters per year. Turn occasionally close all faucets in the house and wait for the cisterns of WC ?? s are full. Next, look at the water meter or it steady. If it does not, then something is leaking. This can be a crane or a cistern, but also a water pipe somewhere in your home that you do not immediately see, for example, under the floor. If this is the case, then look for the leak or turn a plumber to fix the problem.
This is very important because you pay for all the water passing through the water meter.
Suppose snapped a lead in the worst case, or torn is under your house and there unnoticed spray 10 liters of water per minute from which unnoticed runs into the ground. That is 600 liters per hour, or 14,4m3 per day. If it takes half a year before it finally discovered there already 2628m3 water run through your meter and you will be getting a water bill as of around 4000 euros more than you're used to! Usually it is fortunate to have smaller leaks, but the meter still has happily if you never look at here!


The tap water in other countries is often of poorer quality. We have relatively cheap and high quality tap water. Let's hope it will remain so in the future.