What foods to keep a flat stomach?

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What foods to keep a flat stomach?

You are about to bulking up? Flatulence, bloating, bowel dysfunction ... often show a poor diet. Our advice to restore order inside.

Some foods prove aggressive for the digestive system. Depending on the sensitivity of each, they can promote bloating.

Foods favoring flatulence

  • Cooked fat: they slow down digestion and delaying gastric emptying. Avoid meat and fish in sauce dishes, fried, breaded foods, pastries and cakes.
  • Some vegetables: legumes are high in fiber and sugars that ferment in contact with the intestinal flora. The artichoke, broccoli, celeriac, cabbage, onion, peppers contain either inulin or sulfur compounds that decrease their tolerance.
  • Soft drinks and chewing gum: there is nothing better to do with flatulence.
  • Certain sweetening: used in candy and chewing gum without sugar, polyols are poorly absorbed by the body, resulting in fermentation in the colon.
  • Milk: common in adults, lactose intolerance results in digestive disorders. If you are intolerant plants prefer milk or yogurt, lower in lactose than milk.

When one consumes just vegetables and starchy, it takes large quantities, so we increase the volume in the stomach. To avoid swelling, decrease-in the quantities and associate them with lean meats or fish rich in nourishing proteins.

Thoroughly cook your food

By changing the structure of food, cooking facilitates their chewing, digestion and elimination. Push enough firings, especially of starchy foods.

Then easy on fats! Especially cooked. Use nonstick coating for cooking utensils and opt for that do not require cooking fat: stewed, steamed, oven ... prefer to add a little oil, a knob of butter or cream spoonful of raw after cooking.

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Some salt and drink enough

Excess salt promotes water retention in the stomach.

Drinking during meals swells the stomach and dilutes the digestive juices. Be satisfied with a glass table and drink without food, in small sips spread over time.

You can also consume probiotics. They ensure a healthy intestinal flora: they are found in yogurt, fermented milk, yeast ... and as food supplements.

5 tips to avoid being bloated after a meal

  • Sit properly: eat standing or slouching inhibit the release of digestive juices.
  • Escape the noise: noise, television, discussions ...: under the influence of stress, the pace of the meal is accelerating and food stuck in the esophagus.
  • Take your time: 20 minutes is the time it takes to feel full, so you do not overeat.
  • Chew: chew 10 to 15 times each mouthful predigested food by grinding and early degradation by enzymes in saliva.
  • Do not resservez. If you go out table with the feeling of having eaten well is that you have already eaten too much.

The typical day for a flat belly diet

Breakfast :

  • 1 bowl of chicory or tea;
  • 1 compote with no added sugar apple;
  • 1 plain yogurt;
  • 2 lightly buttered toasted wholemeal bread.

At lunch :

  • salad dressing / mozzarella;
  • turkey or chicken cutlet / beans / 100 g of cooked rice;
  • 2 ripe apricots.

For snack:

  • 1 plain yogurt;
  • 1 apple;
  • 1 tea.

At dinner :

  • throwns soup vegetables;
  • lean fish / vegetable julienne in foil;
  • 1-2 slices of wholemeal bread;
  • 1 yogurt with jam.

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