What is a flea circus?

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Fleas are tough critters, cats, dogs and humans get itchy. There are several ways to fight them, but were once fleas also sometimes used to run along a flea circus. It was about people fleas and there were actual theaters where fleas fleas showed their prowess. Thanks to the flea circus, people could see the presentation of the fleas, paid. Fleas Theaters are now rare. What is a flea circus? Flea theater is a small theater where fleas ?? tricks ?? exhibit. Today there are hardly any fleas theaters. Actually, one can call it more a flea circus, because the fleas balancing on cords, pulling carts or carriages on and shoot balls into a goal. Some flea objects kept going, like carousel voice. Still others hold "supposedly" fixed a parasol. In the original flea circus was all small. People had often with a magnifying glass view 'the show'. Fleas lay trained, but in fact they themselves were not aware of their skills.
A flea circus saw you used regularly. They appeared in the last century, from the year 1835 approximately. Fleas Theaters were popular and were regularly seen at fairs and markets. It was for a person who began a theater fleas, not expensive to start a flea circus. Fleas are free and one had a small theater, the size of a school bag, enough already. So it was a special way to make money.

Train fleas

Fleas can not really be trained, so the tricks they showed were more effected by the skill of the owner of the theater, then by the intelligence of the fleas. However, some fleas jumping up was well unlearned, by putting them into ever smaller boxes. Otherwise carriages bumpy instead of gobbling. The spring fleas were used to shoot a ball, for example. The flea jump, but the ball was sitting with a fine thread to its body so solid and flew with the flea. So it just seemed like a flea on a ball shot. There were in the last century a few fleas theaters active. One of these theaters fleas came from Germany and was featured in a feature film from 1973 by Thomas Koerfer ?? From the Flea Theatre Director's Death. ?? The other flea circus was from New York and was featured in 1969 in the film Easy Rider.

Human fleas

For fleas theaters were used the human flea, and the flea Hedgehog. All other fleas are too small to work with. The human flea was larger than the usual flea, but this flea has become rare. Fleas in a flea circus had a short life. If they were unlearned jumping, they often had only a short time to act. Then their lives were already over. A flea can be maximum because only a year old.

Flea Theater

The flea circus was a miniature theater where visitors with a magnifying glass to the 'arts' of the fleas could look. The flea pulled carts for, walked across a tightrope, were in little carousel, and carried out antics. The fleas themselves were unaware of this. The owner of the flea circus manipulated the objects for instance so that the fleas just did attempt to get away, but now with a stray thread on a cart pulled by while they do not have it themselves.